Dar Al Noor Hotel

Hotel Dar Al-Noor in Damascus Syria

Hotel Dar Al-Noor, a hotel in Damascus, Syria, is a five-star establishment near the Mariamiya Cathedral and just 20 minutes from Damascus Airport​1​​2​. This hotel is a hidden gem, appearing unassuming from the outside but revealing a world of beauty and tranquility once you step through the doors. The central courtyard, with its playing fountain, serves as a serene oasis where the hustle and bustle of the outside world seem to be left behind​​.

The Dar Al-Noor Hotel features 10 guest rooms and one suite, each with modern amenities such as a current bathroom, wireless internet access, air conditioning, satellite TV, and a minibar. In addition to comfortable accommodations, the hotel provides services, including laundry, airport transportation, and tourism tours, further enhancing their guests’ experience​​.

4-star hotel in Syria

hotel in Damascus
Hotel Dar Al-Noor in Damascus


  • Modern bathrooms in each room
  • Wireless internet access
  • Air conditioning in each room
  • Satellite TV in each room
  • Mini bar in each room
  • Laundry services
  • Airport Transportation
  • Tourism tours

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  • +963 11 5432269
  • +963 11 5432270
  • +963 943 333097


St Alkornesh,Al Zaitoon Bridge Nasiriyah 64001