Tours in Syria

Tours in Syria

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Our choices of tours in Syria are divided into thematic features such as the castles and fortifications, the historical cities, the archaeological sites, and the Palmyra experience.


Syria is a fantastic country located in the Middle East. It is quite straightforward touring Syria mainly because the country has improved its security standards, and ongoing conflict is only to be found far from touristic areas.

Syria tourism packages options are quite extensive since the country is full of monuments and things to do.

Choosing and booking a tour of Syria can be complicated because most people don’t understand the geographic complexity of the country.

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Visiting the main Syria tourism attractions will delight those who enjoy old archaeological sites, impressive fortresses, delicious gastronomy, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Your Syria holidays will be unforgettable because of the country’s unique history, fascinating destinations, and hospitable people.

The opportunity of being a Syria tour operator gives us great pleasure since we’re very pleased to promote this lovely and unique destination. Being a tourist in Syria is quite fascinating because you visit living history with unique religious sites.

Join one of our Syria tour packages and travel the country safely with our expertise.

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Syria practical information

  • Area: 185,180 km2 » 1.3 times smaller than the U.K.
  • Land borders: Iraq 605 km, Israel 76 km, Jordan 375 km, Lebanon 375 km, Turkey 822 km.
  • Length of coastline: 180 km.
  • Capital city: Damascus (2 million people).
  • Population: 17.5 million people.
  • Languages: Arabic, Kurdish, Turkish, Neo-Aramaic, Circassian, Chechen, Armenian, and Greek.
  • Electricity/Plug Type: 220 V / 50 Hz / plug types: C, E and L.

Syria Group Tours from Beirut

Syria Tour Classic
, 7 Days – 6 Nights 1-12 People

This Syria group tour focused on Syria’s top essential sights. Don’t miss this opportunity to visit Syria’s tourist attractions safely in our affordable group tours….

Syria Private Tours from Beirut

Hotel Lyon Palace in syria
, 10 Days – 9 Nights 1-7 People

Indulge in an enriching experience as you traverse through the historic landscapes of Syria on our meticulously crafted 10-day tour. Our destination manager, having recently…

Mar Musa Monastery Syria
, 8 Days – 7 Nights 1-7 People

Embark on an enriching 8-day exploration through the historic heart of Syria, a journey curated to unveil the time-honored marvels and vibrant cultural tapestry of…

Mar Musa Monastery Syria
, 7 Days – 6 Nights 1-7 People

Embarking on a journey through Syria is a venture into a land of profound history and cultural richness. Our destination manager recently visited Syria to…

Krak des Chevaliers Syria
, 6 Days – 5 Nights 1-7 People

Experience the captivating allure of Syria with our seamless and worry-free tours. Join us for an unforgettable 6-day expedition starting from Beirut, where you'll explore…

, 6 Days – 5 Nights 1-7 People

Traveling in Syria is always a fabulous experience. Our destination manager was in Syria lately planning this journey for you. Join our tours now since…

Aleppo Syria
, 5 Days – 4 Nights 1-7 People

Indulge in the enriching allure of Syria on this specially crafted 5-day tour, inclusive of exploration through Hama and Aleppo. Our destination manager, having recently…

Aleppo Syria
, 5 Days – 4 Nights 1-7 People

Traveling in Syria is always a fabulous experience. Our destination manager was in Syria lately planning this journey for you. Join our tours now since…

Syria Holidays
, 4 Days – 2 Nights 1-7 People

Traveling in Syria is always a fabulous experience. Our destination manager was in Syria lately planning this journey for you. Join our tours now since…

Maaloula Syria
, 4 Days – 3 Nights 1-7 People

Visiting Syria is always a wonderful and unique experience. Our destination manager was in Syria just recently planning this excursion for you. Join our tours…

Palmyra Syria
, 3 Days – 2 Nights 1-7 People

Traveling in Syria is always a fabulous experience. Our destination manager was in Syria lately planning this journey for you. Join our tours now since…

Krak des Chevaliers Syria
, 3 Days – 2 Nights 1-7 People

Traveling in Syria is always a fabulous experience. Our destination manager was in Syria lately planning this journey for you. Join our tours now since…

, 2 Days – 1 Night 1-7 People

Indulge in the allure of Syria with our specially curated 2-day Damascus City Tour, an endeavor to unfurl the rich tapestry of history and culture…

Damascus Syria
, 1 Day 1-7 People

Traveling in Syria is always a fabulous experience. Our destination manager was in Syria lately planning this journey for you. Join our tours now since…

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Navigate and explore Syria on other pages of our website that showcase various interesting aspects of this incredible country.

Highlights of Syria

Highlights of the most Beautiful Places in Syria: Palmyra, Krak des Chevaliers, Dead City of Serjilla, Musyaf Castle, The Citadel of Aleppo, Church of Saint Simeon the Stylite, Souk al-Saqatiya, Deir Mar Musa al-Habashi, Sayyidah Zaynab Mosque, Norias of Hama, Monastery of Our Lady of Sednayah, Tomb of Hafez al-Assad, October War Panorama.

Travel in Syria FAQ

As a travel agency in Syria, we guarantee that your expedition is both pleasurable and enlightening while also being trouble-free.

Can I visit Syria for tourism?

Yes, we organize tours to Syria, focusing on safe areas and include a professional guide.

Can I travel independently in Syria?

No, it is not possible to travel independently in Syria. Since 2018, it has been mandatory to have a tourist guide and be part of an organized tour at all times. This requirement was implemented after an incident involving a journalist who entered Syria as a tourist and engaged in press-related activities.

Is Syria a tourist country?

Syria, a country at the crossroads of myriad cultures, presents a fascinating tapestry of historical, natural, and cultural heritage. With its rich past shaping a diverse array of attractions and monuments dispersed across the vast landscape, it undoubtedly stands as one of the world’s most uniquely intriguing nations.

As you journey through Syria, you will find yourself immersed in a rich tapestry of antiquities, an array of architectural treasures spanning the millennia, each with its own captivating story.

Syria boasts six sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List: the Ancient City of Damascus, the Ancient City of Bosra, the Site of Palmyra, the Ancient City of Aleppo, Crac des Chevaliers and Qal’at Salah El-Din, as well as the Ancient Villages of Northern Syria.

Further enriching its UNESCO heritage, Syria offers an additional 12 locations on its tentative list, featuring the likes of the Noréas de Hama, Ugrarit (Tell Shamra), Ebla (Tell Mardikh), Mari (Tell Hariri), Dura Europos, Apamée (Afamia), Qasr al-Hayr ach-Charqi, Maaloula, Tartus, Raqqa-Ràfiqa, the island of Arwad, and the Mari & Europos-Dura sites of Euphrates Valley. These sites collectively present an immersive chronicle of Syria’s layered history, paving the way for an enriching itinerary.

As seasoned Syria tour operators, we meticulously design our packages to cater to your every requirement. With an intimate understanding of the country, we provide you with unmatched services, connecting you with our trusted partners, experienced guides, and carefully vetted accommodations to ensure an unforgettable Syrian journey.

Are these trips private tours?

Yes, these Syria tours are tailored for you and your group exclusively. We also offer group tours with fixed dates for solo travelers.

Is Syria a country that is safe to travel to?

Our destination manager was in Syria recently preparing this tour, so you can safely enjoy your holidays in Syria. This way, we know what to expect and guarantee the best service with reliable, updated knowledge. Is Syria a safe country to travel to is a very important subject to understand this prime adventure holiday destination fully.

Contrary to misleading news and misconceptions, Syria is considered safe to travel to nowadays. Locals are known for their friendliness, and the crime rate towards tourists is relatively low. The locations you will visit in Syria have been assessed for security and are considered safe. RJ Travel guarantees visitors that it is safe to travel to Syria, particularly in places that are under government protection.

Are all parts of Syria safe?

Many parts of Syria are very safe, while other parts of Syria are not safe to travel to. Obvsislouy, our Syria tour packages are limited to safe Government-controlled regions; therefore, with us, you can be sure to travel trouble-free. Our adventure travel company aims to ensure the best service with maximum safety standards. So, Yes, within the Syrian government-controlled regions, the country is safe to visit except for some specific regions you will not visit during this trip.

While traveling in Syria, it is important to cooperate with your guide during emergencies and follow their instructions. You may encounter roadblocks and checkpoints along the way, but necessary paperwork, including tourist permits, will be handled for you. It is essential to maintain a polite and friendly demeanor when interacting with security personnel as they are present to ensure your safety and well-being.

Who will be with me during my Syria vacation?

During your tour in Syria, you will always be accompanied by an English-speaking professional guide and a driver. Both are local people who adapted to take you around the country, proudly show you around, and make you have a great time exploring this amazing historical nation.

What is the best way to fly in and out of Syria?

Without a doubt, the best hub to fly to Syria is Beirut airport – in Lebanon – from where we pick up and drop off in total security. We can pick you up at a place of your choice in Beirut, either at your hotel in the morning or directly from the Beirut Airport arrivals gate. You can combine visiting Syria with one of our tours in Lebanon.

How much will the flight tickets for this tour cost?

Prices vary depending on the time of the year and how much you purchase your tickets in advance. But usually, we can say that a round-trip ticket from most European cities to Beirute will cost around 250 Euros up to 500 Euros, depending on the season. Flying in and out of Beirut, Middle East Airlines can be much cheaper, as it is Lebanon’s national carrier.

What is the capital city of Syria?

Syria’s capital is Damascus, with a population of approximately 1.7 million people. Many people actually ask, “is Syria in Africa” but in fact, Syria is located in the Middle East (Asia), bordering Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, and Israel.

How much are monument ticket prices in Syria?

All our tours include entrance tickets for attractions. So, you don’t need to worry about additional costs for visiting monuments.

What do I need to obtain a Visa on Arrival for Syria?

You need a passport valid for at least six months, travel insurance, and a Syria border security clearance number, which we assist with.

How to get a Syrian tourist visa?

Most nationalities can make a Syrian visa at the border after having the visa reference number document. When you book our Syria tours, consider that it takes two weeks for us to order your border security clearance and visa reference number (American passports need to wait two months). Journalists are denied tourist visas. Your passport must be valid for at least six months. After having this number, you can easily buy your Syrian tourist visa at the border. Before entering Syria, you must exchange money (Euros or Dollars) for Syrian pounds. You can always exchange the money if you have some Syrian pounds left at the end of the tour. Our driver for the transfer Beirut-Damascus-Beirut will guide you and help you with all these simple procedures.

What is the process to apply for a Syria Visa on Arrival?

You will need to fill out our automated Syria Visa Form to request a Syria border security clearance number, which we will help you to secure. Our driver will then have the document ready to assist you at the border. With the document, you can proceed to pay for your Visa on Arrival.

Can Americans travel to Syria?

Yes, as of April 2023, our Syria tours are available to US passport holders.

How long does it take to process a visa security code for US Passport Holders?

We kindly request 6 to 8 weeks (two months) to process your visa security code.

What are the costs for Syria Visa on Arrival?

The costs depend on your nationality, ranging from 25 to 150 Euros. It’s advised to check the latest fees.

Are there any special permissions required for citizens of certain countries?

While visa-on-arrival is available for all nationalities, citizens from Thailand, Singapore, USA, Taiwan, and African countries require special permission which can extend the security clearance process to 5-6 weeks.

Who is denied entrance to Syria?

Admission is refused to holders of passports or travel documents containing an Israeli visa or stamp or any data showing that the visitor has been to Israel or indication of any connection with the state of Israel.

If you have an Israeli stamp and wish to visit Syria, you must get a new passport. When requested, Israeli authorities don’t stamp passports, but consider that having a stamp from a border crossing entry or departure into/from Jordan or Egypt is also seen as you have been to Israel if that specific border crossing is with the State of Israel.

For example, you can’t have a Taba Border Crossing stamp in or out of Egypt without entering or departing from Israel itself. The Menachem Begin Crossing is the international border crossing between Taba, Egypt, and Eilat, Israel.

Also, citizens of the State of Israel are banned from entering the Syrian Arab Republic.

Journalists on a mission are denied tourist visas. You need a specific type of press visa. But, if you’re a journalist and want to travel in tourism-related activity, contact us directly so we analyze your situation and make the necessary process to get you a tourist visa.

What is the policy regarding travel history to Israel?

Any indication of travel to Israel can result in denial of entry into Syria. Travelers should be aware that proof of travel to Israel or self-governed territories, such as Palestine, will result in immediate denial of entry into Syria. This applies even if the traveler holds a valid entry visa or is part of a group visa.

Where do the tours start and finish?

All tours start and finish in either Beirut (Lebanon), Amman (Jordan), or Damascus (Syria). These cities have major airports that are easily accessible from Turkey, Europe, or Gulf countries.

What should I consider regarding weather and clothing during the tour?

Tours are carried out regardless of prevailing weather conditions. Travelers are advised to dress accordingly and use comfortable footwear. Sun cream is recommended, especially during the summer months when temperatures can soar, particularly in Palmyra. Wearing loose, breathable clothing can enhance comfort during the tour.

Can the tour itinerary change?

Yes, the tour itinerary can be subject to change due to various factors such as the current political situation, weather conditions, traffic, or unforeseen events. Travelers should be aware of this possibility and remain flexible during the tour.

What happens in case of safety threats or tour cancellations?

In the case of serious threats to safety, tours may be canceled. Please note that no refunds will be provided for shortened tours or omissions due to unforeseen circumstances. The safety of travelers is of utmost importance, and necessary precautions will be taken in such situations.

How can I finalize my reservation and make the required deposit?

o finalize your reservation, you will need to make an initial deposit via our secure online payment portal. This deposit ensures that your reservation is secured. The quoted rate is valid for a period of seven days, during which time the deposit must be paid.

Can the rate change after the initial deposit is made?

Yes, please note that the rate may change after one week based on fluctuations in exchange rates and availability. It is recommended to secure your reservation by paying the deposit within the specified timeframe to lock in the quoted rate.

How should the remaining payment be made?

The remaining payment should be made in cash to our colleague in Beirut. It is important to note that the payment should be made using large denomination banknotes (of 50 and 100) that are not older than 2009. We advise you to obtain these banknotes well in advance to avoid any difficulties in obtaining them at the last minute.

How do you ensure the safety and security of women travelers in Syria?

We understand that safety is a top concern, especially for women travelers. We have implemented strict measures to prioritize the safety and well-being of all our clients, particularly our female clients. Our guides in Syria are highly qualified, experienced, and culturally sensitive. They are dedicated to ensuring that our female clients are treated with respect and dignity throughout the tour.

Are the guides trained to handle emergency situations?

Absolutely. Our guides undergo comprehensive training, including emergency procedures, to handle any situations that may arise during the tour. Their priority is the safety and well-being of our clients, and they are equipped to address any challenges that may occur.

Is it mandatory to wear a hijab (headscarf) for women travelers?

Wearing a hijab is not mandatory for women travelers. However, in remote areas or religious places, it is considered a sign of respect and can help you blend in with the local culture. We advise our female clients to dress modestly, avoiding tight-fitting pants and ensuring that the buttocks, chest, shoulders, back, and other areas of skin exposure are appropriately covered.

When visiting religious Muslim and Christian sites, it is advisable for women to wear a headscarf as a sign of respect and to blend in with the local culture. Additionally, dress modestly by covering your buttocks and avoiding tight-fitting pants, as well as any clothing that exposes the chest, shoulders, back, or other areas of skin.

What specific guidelines are recommended for clothing during the tour?

We recommend dressing modestly, following cultural norms and sensitivities. This includes covering the buttocks and avoiding tight-fitting pants. It is important to cover the chest, shoulders, back, and any other areas of skin exposure. By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure a respectful and enjoyable experience during your visit to Syria.

Men should dress conservatively when visiting religious Muslim and Christian sites. This includes wearing clothing that covers the arms and legs, preferably with loose-fitting garments. It is also important to avoid offensive or provocative slogans, brands, or designs on clothing.

What can be expected in terms of security measures, such as army checkpoints?

Army checkpoints are common in Syria, but your guide will ensure that they do not disrupt your valuable travel time. It is a part of daily life in Syria. Additionally, during the night in Damascus, you may hear Israeli surface-to-surface missiles being shot down by the city’s anti-missile air defenses. However, this is a common occurrence and should not cause alarm.

What advice do you have for travelers to Syria regarding safety?

Travelers are advised to stay open-minded, step out of their comfort zones, and embrace the fantastic destination that Syria is. While being aware of the security situation, it is important to approach the trip with a polite and friendly attitude towards locals and security personnel. By following these guidelines and cooperating with your guide, you can have a safe and enjoyable travel experience in Syria.

What is the recommended approach for handling money in Lebanon and Syria?

Due to the current financial instability in Lebanon, it is advisable to bring cash for your stay in both Lebanon and Syria. Taking money out from Lebanese ATMs may result in losing money due to the unfavorable government exchange rate. Additionally, Lebanese ATMs have weekly withdrawal limits, so relying solely on withdrawing money in Beirut or other cities may not be feasible.

Are international cards accepted in Syria?

No, due to international sanctions, international cards do not work in ATMs in Syria. Therefore, all payments within the country are made in cash using Syrian pounds, except for the tour payment, which is made in cash with USD dollars.

What are the typical costs for personal expenses in Syria?

Personal expenses in Syria are relatively affordable. For example, a meal at a restaurant can cost between 7 to 15 USD, fast food from street vendors ranges from 3 to 5 USD, and a beer at a bar costs around 3 USD.

Where and how can tourists exchange money in Syria?

Money can be exchanged for Syrian pounds at the border or in Damascus. The driver accompanying you will assist with the exchange process at the border. If you have leftover Syrian pounds at the end of the tour, you can exchange them back to your original currency. Rest assured that our team will guide you through the process and ensure a smooth exchange experience.

What is the recommended timing for arrival in Beirut for the tour?

The tour starts at 7 am early morning, so it is advisable to arrive in Beirut the day before. We can provide assistance with hotel bookings and airport transfers if needed.

Can the pick-up be arranged directly from the airport?

Yes, if you arrive at the airport early in the morning, around 3 or 4 am, we can arrange for a pick-up directly from the airport at approximately 7 am. However, please consider that the tour involves a full day of visiting Damascus, so it’s recommended to get some rest beforehand.

What are the transfer options included in the tour?

Our Syria tours includes two transfers: one on the first day and another on the last day while returning from Syria. You have the flexibility to choose where to use these round-trip transfers. We can pick you up directly from the airport or your hotel in Beirut, and the same applies to the return journey. Let us know your preferences, and we will make the necessary arrangements to accommodate your needs.

Are there options to start the tour from other locations?

If you prefer to start the tour from Amman in Jordan, there is an additional supplement of 50 USD for one-way transportation or 100 USD for round-trip transportation. Similarly, if you choose to start the tour directly from Damascus in Syria, there is a price reduction of 50 USD for one-way transportation or 100 USD for round-trip transportation.

Will internet access be available during the tour?

Yes, internet access will be widely available in all the hotels where you will be staying throughout the tour. You can stay connected and easily access the internet during your stay.

Can tourists purchase prepaid SIM cards in Syria?

Yes, tourists have the option to purchase prepaid SIM cards in Syria. Buying a prepaid SIM card during your trip is relatively easy. You can obtain a local SIM card at the border or in Damascus. The price for a prepaid SIM card is 5 USD, and it typically comes with 2 gigabytes of data. Our guide in Damascus will assist you in obtaining a SIM card and provide any necessary guidance.

How should tourists behave at religious sites, specifically mosques?

When encountering someone who is praying in mosques, it is considered respectful to avoid crossing directly in front of them. Instead, pass by from the sides or behind the person who is praying. This gesture demonstrates awareness and respect for their religious practice.

Is it recommended to engage in conversation with locals in Syria?

Yes, it is generally encouraged to engage in conversation with locals, especially students and young people who approach you. Interacting with locals can offer unique cultural insights and enrich your travel experience.

What precautions should I take when engaging in conversation with locals?

Like any other country in the world, while engaging with locals, it is important to exercise caution and keep personal information such as your address, hotel, and itinerary confidential. Prioritize your safety by not divulging sensitive details to strangers.

Can I share my social media contacts with locals in Syria?

You may choose to share your social media contacts if you feel comfortable doing so. However, it is essential to exercise discretion and evaluate your level of trust before sharing personal information. Connecting with them later is entirely up to your discretion and comfort level.

What kind of water should I drink during my stay in Syria?

It is recommended to drink bottled water during your stay in Syria. This helps ensure that you consume safe and clean water, reducing the risk of waterborne illnesses.

What are the guidelines for photography etiquette in Syria?

When taking photographs in Syria, it is important to be respectful of the local culture and people. Avoid taking photos of women without their permission, as many prefer not to be photographed. Always ask for permission before photographing people or places, and consult your guide for appropriate locations for photography. Respecting the privacy and cultural sensitivities of the local community is essential.

Which Syria hotels does RJ Travel provide?

Our selection of hotels in Syria considers many factors: the most essential safety, cleanness, and professional staff, always, of course, focusing on providing you with the best breakfast possible. When available we put all our clients in these hotels.

Damascus Accommodation 1 » Emar Hotel
Damascus Accommodation 2 » Dar El Noor Hotel
Al Mishtaya Accommodation » Villa Rosa Hotel
Aleppo Accommodation » Aleppo Palace Hotel
Latakkia Accommodation » Al Samman Hotel
Tartous Accommodation » Shahin Tower Hotel
Homs Accommodation » Al Waleed Hotel

Syria Tourist Attractions

The world’s first alphabet was discovered in Syria, as one of the oldest civilizations was born there. Undoubtedly, Syria is a country to visit now that things have calmed down. Traditional hammams, the Umayyad Mosque of Damascus, caravanserais, the souks of Aleppo, citadels … in short, we cannot mention all the historical and sumptuous archaeological sites of the country in one single phrase. Another asset of Syria is the variety of landscapes that invites one to explore mountain ranges, steppes, valleys, beaches, deserts, and oases. Syria is a privileged adventure destination for lovers of old rocks, fascinating Biblical sites, and history. For example, one can also marvel at other architectural treasures and the cultural life of Damascus street markets. We now show you a list of the best tourist attractions possible during our Syria tours. Read our page about important Syria travel information we supply to our customers.

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