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Iraq security form for travel permits and security clearance

This form requests and processes necessary Iraq road travel permits and security clearance. All fields are mandatory. This information is necessary to process your trip voucher. Please follow proper writing rules such as capitalized names and addresses (John Wood, not john wood), etc. Double-check everything to ensure your Iraq visa on arrival is approved when you arrive at Baghdad or Erbil airport. After you fill out the form below, an Iraqi application document will be automatically created and ready to send to the local authorities.

Important instructions to get your Iraqi visa:

Iraq security form

Please fill up this Iraq arrival client form. All fields are mandatory.

    Personal information

    Contact information

    Passport information

    Don't get any of this information wrong. Double-check everything before submitting your form. Please write the correct passport number and dates.

    Your activity

    Your flight information

    Upload files

    Please note that only files in the formats of PNG, JPG, and JPEG are permitted. These images will be submitted to the Iraqi government to facilitate the acquisition of travel permits, enabling smoother passage through military and police checkpoints. To ensure a prompt processing of your request, please upload clear and high-quality images. Please be aware that we will be unable to proceed with your request if the images are blurry or of low quality.

    Important information

    • This form collects your personal traveler’s information to get the necessary security permits from the Iraqi Government.
    • After having these permits, you can easily cross police and army checkpoints with our professional guides.
    • The proper permits will be in possession of our guides at all times.
    • Fill up all the requested information exactly as you have on the passport.
    • We need at least 4 working days to apply. Contact us for last-minute requests.
    • We will send your document to the Security Department at Baghdad’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    • Don’t forget to bring a printed paper version of your RJ Travel trip voucher to show to the Iraq border passport police at Baghdad airport.
    • With this trip voucher, it will be much easier for you to be at the border and go directly to pay your VOA (Visa on Arrival).
    • The visa policy of Iraq is specific in terms of who can get a visa on arrival at the airport.
    • The Iraqi visa on arrival price differs by nationality and usually costs 75 to 150 USD.
    • Your passport must be valid for at least six months to enter Iraq.