8-day tour in Iraq – Classic + Nasiriyah + Samarra + Mosul + Hatra

8 Days

Experience the wonders of Iraq on an incredible 8-day expedition, immersing yourself in its captivating history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking natural landscapes. Begin your adventure in the bustling city of Baghdad, where ancient traditions meet modern life. Journey to Nasiriyah and marvel at the awe-inspiring archaeological treasures, including the legendary Great Ziggurat of Ur. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Samarra, a testament to Iraq’s rich heritage, and witness the revitalization efforts in Mosul. Finally, conclude your journey at the UNESCO-recognized ruins of Hatra, where you can reflect on the unforgettable memories created during this remarkable exploration of Iraq’s remarkable past.


Your enlightening journey begins as you arrive at Baghdad International Airport. You’ll be warmly welcomed by a dedicated guide who will assist with all initial procedures. A private transfer will conveniently transport you to your hotel in the city’s heart, setting the stage for a week filled with exploration and discovery. Your immersion into the rich tapestry of Iraq’s history and culture begins here.

Begin your first full day with a morning tour of Baghdad’s key sites. Explore the city’s rich heritage and the unique blend of the old and new. From there, venture out to the Ancient City of Babylon, where you’ll witness the remnants of one of the most significant cities in human history. Conclude the day in the spiritual city of Karbala, renowned for its significant religious sites like the Imam Husayn Shrine, allowing for reflection on the day’s diverse experiences.

Start your day in the holy city of Karbala before journeying to Al Kifl. Here, explore the Tomb of Ezekiel, a significant site believed to be the final resting place of the prophet Ezekiel. Discover the site’s unique fusion of Jewish and Islamic architectural influences, representing the region’s rich religious tapestry. The day concludes in Najaf, one of Shia Islam’s holiest cities, providing a spiritual and historically rich end to your day’s explorations.

Your fourth day begins in the spiritual city of Najaf. From there, proceed to the ancient city of Ur, where you will be awed by the grandeur of the Great Ziggurat, a testament to the might of the ancient Sumerian civilization. Following this, continue to Nasiriyah, a city teeming with historical significance. As you settle in, reflect on your journey, immersed in Iraq’s rich history and diverse cultural narrative.

Commence your fifth day in Nasiriyah before venturing into the unique ecosystem of the Mesopotamian Marshes. Here, experience the traditional ‘Marsh Arab’ way of life, virtually unchanged for centuries. After an immersive day within this fascinating cultural and natural landscape, return to the bustling city of Baghdad. The day’s journey contrasts one of the world’s oldest ecosystems and modern Iraqi life.

Start your day in Baghdad before heading north to the historic city of Samarra. Explore its renowned archaeological site, home to the unique spiraling minaret of the Great Mosque, following Samarra’s journey onward to Mosul, a city demonstrating a resilient spirit of recovery. Spend the rest of the day immersing yourself in Mosul’s diverse culture, rich history, and inspiring revitalization, setting the stage for the next day’s exploration.

Begin your day in Mosul before setting off to the ancient city of Hatra. Known for its remarkably well-preserved temples and statues, Hatra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that provides fascinating insights into the Parthian Empire. Conclude your day with a return journey to Baghdad, where you’ll have time to reflect on the stunning sites and rich historical narratives that unfolded throughout your day.

On your final day, take some time after breakfast to reflect on the unforgettable journey through the cradle of civilization. When it’s time, a private transfer will take you from your hotel to Baghdad International Airport. Enjoy a last drive through the city as you say farewell to Iraq, carrying memories of an enriching and immersive experience, marking the end of your memorable 8-day tour. Safe travels!

  •  This is a private Iraq tour package.
  •  We can pick you up at Baghdad airport or at Najaf international airport. If the tour starts in Najaf, the order of the itinerary will differ.
  •  European Union citizens, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland, can make the Iraq visa on arrival with our tour voucher.
  •  Your passport must be valid for at least six months.
  •  We were in Iraq preparing this trip for you. Our destination manager was in Iraq recently preparing this tour, so you can safely enjoy your holidays in Iraq. This way, we know what to expect and ensure the best service with reliable, updated information.


  • Multi-day private tour in Iraq.
  • Baghdad airport pick up and drop off.
  • Iraq road check-points clearance.
  • Iraq visa on arrival at Baghdad airport.
  • English-speaking guide.


  • 7 days in Iraq.
  • Airport transfers.
  • Entrance and departure taxes.
  • All transportation with driver.
  • English-speaking guide at all times.
  • All accommodations in 4* hotel with breakfast.
  • All documents to get visa on arrival (only permitted nationalities).

Not included

  • International flights.
  • Travel insurance (optional and available).
  • All lunches and dinners (optional as extra).
  • Tips and other gratuities.
  • Drinks, personal expenses.
  • Admission fees to museums and monuments ($20 Usd to $25 Usd per monument paid on the spot).
  • English-speaking guide (optional as extra).
  • All not mentioned as “included”.

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8-day tour in Iraq – Classic + Nasiriyah + Samarra + Mosul + Hatra
Group Discount Available
From $1,871
/ Adult
  • Baghdad
  • Baghdad
  • 4-star hotels
  • Included
  • Sedan or SUV
  • Baghdad, Babylon, Karbala, Najaf, Nasiriyah, Samarra, Mosul, Hatra

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