Al-Deir (The Monastery) in Jordan

Travel to Al-Deir in the heart of Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Jordan. Al Deir, known as The Monastery, is a must-visit destination for history and archaeology enthusiasts. This stunning monument showcases the incredible craftsmanship and architectural ingenuity of the ancient Nabateans who inhabited the region.

When you visit Al Deir, you can explore the impressive façade of this grand structure carved directly into the surrounding sandstone cliffs. Our tours in Jordan offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating history and vibrant culture surrounding the awe-inspiring monument of Al Deir.

Al-Deir Jordan

Al Deir is an iconic monument in the ancient city of Petra, Jordan, known for its remarkable architecture and cultural significance, created by the Nabatean people.”

Curiosities about Al Deir:

  1. Al Deir is situated in Petra, Jordan.
  2. It is also known as The Monastery.
  3. The monument showcases the architectural prowess of the Nabateans.
  4. You can obtain a Jordanian visa on arrival and travel to Petra.

Visit Al-Deir

The impressive façade of Al Deir boasts intricate carvings and a monumental scale that reflects the religious significance of the structure. Explore the captivating monument and learn about its history and the people who built it.

The trail leading to Al Deir offers a thrilling hike through the rugged landscape of Petra. Traverse the winding path, ascending more than 800 steps, and marvel at the breathtaking views of the surrounding valley as you approach the awe-inspiring monument.

The nearby viewpoints offer stunning panoramas of Al Deir and the vast expanse of the Petra Archaeological Park. Make sure to capture the unforgettable scenery as you explore this remarkable site.

Map of Al-Deir monument

Discover Al Deir

  • Al Deir (The Monastery): Uncover this iconic monument’s rich history and architectural prowess.
  • Hiking Trails: Experience the stunning landscapes of Petra as you traverse the trail to Al Deir.
  • Viewpoints: Capture the unforgettable panoramas from various vantage points surrounding the monument.
  • Petra Archaeological Park: Explore the remarkable ancient city, home to countless monuments and historical sites.

Travel to Al-Deir

List of tours in Jordan that travel to Al Deir and the ancient city of Petra.

Photos of Al Deir

Images of the awe-inspiring monument of Al Deir, showcasing its impressive façade, intricate carvings, and breathtaking surroundings in Petra, Jordan.