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Quseir Amra in Jordan

In the eastern desert of Jordan, travel to Quseir Amra (Al-Qusayr Amra) a captivating destination for history buffs and cultural enthusiasts. Built-in the early 8th century by the Umayyad Caliph Walid I, Qusair Amra boasts an exceptional array of well-preserved ruins showcasing unique Umayyad architecture.

When you visit Al-Qusayr Amra, you can wander through the extensive ruins, admiring the impressive frescoes, intricate mosaics, and fascinating inscriptions. Our tours in Jordan will immerse you in this remarkable archaeological site’s rich history and culture.

Quseir Amra Jordan

“Al-Qusayr Amra is a fascinating Umayyad-era archaeological site in Jordan, renowned for its well-preserved ruins and unique architecture.”

Curiosities about Al-Qusayr Amra:

  1. Al-Qusayr Amra is located in the eastern desert of Jordan.
  2. The Umayyad Caliph Walid I built the complex in the early 8th century.
  3. Al-Qusayr Amra is known for its unique Umayyad architecture and well-preserved frescoes and inscriptions.
  4. The archaeological site of Al-Qusayr Amra has been designated a World Heritage Site in Jordan.
  5. Al-Qusayr Amra is a popular tourist destination in Jordan.
  6. You can obtain a Jordanian visa on arrival and travel to Al-Qusayr Amra.

Visit Quseir Amra

As you explore the archaeological site of Al-Qusayr Amra, you’ll encounter the impressive ruins, which once served as a hunting palace for the Umayyad Caliphs. Within these ruins, you can admire the unique Umayyad architecture, intricate frescoes, and fascinating inscriptions that showcase the splendor of the era.

The main hall of Al-Qusayr Amra‘s palace is a must-see attraction, with its intricate frescoes depicting various scenes, from hunting and gardening to music and astronomy. Other notable structures include the baths, the audience hall, and the small mosque.

Map of Qusair Amra

Discover Qusair Amra

  • Frescoes: Intricate paintings that depict various scenes from the Umayyad era.
  • Inscriptions: Fascinating inscriptions that provide insight into the cultural and historical context of the era.
  • Baths: Well-preserved bath complex showcasing the luxurious lifestyle of the Umayyads.
  • Audience Hall: A grand hall used for official receptions and meetings.
  • Mosque: A small but well-preserved mosque that served as a place of worship for the palace’s inhabitants.

Travel to Quseir Amra

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Photos of Qusair Amra

Images of the historic site of Al-Qusayr Amra showcasing its impressive ruins, unique Umayyad architecture, intricate frescoes, and fascinating inscriptions in Jordan.