Umm ar-Rasas

Umm ar-Rasas (Kastron Mefa’a) in Jordan

Located approximately 30 kilometers southeast of Madaba, travel to Umm ar-Rasas a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and archaeology aficionados. This UNESCO World Heritage Site in Jordan encompasses the ruins of a Roman military camp and several Byzantine churches adorned with spectacular mosaic floors. The remains of an Umayyad palace and a rectangular walled enclosure also represent the early Islamic period.

When you visit Umm ar Rasas, you can explore the fascinating ruins, marvel at the exquisite mosaic floors, and learn about the site’s rich history spanning several civilizations. Our tours in Jordan allow you to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Kastron Mefa’a.

(Kastron Mefa’a) Umm ar-Rasas Jordan

Umm ar-Rasas is an archaeological site in Jordan, known for its well-preserved ruins and spectacular mosaic floors from the Roman, Byzantine, and early Islamic periods.”

Curiosities about Kastron Mefa’a:

  1. Kastron Mefa’a is located approximately 30 kilometers southeast of Madaba, Jordan.
  2. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  3. The site features the ruins of a Roman military camp, Byzantine churches, and an early Islamic palace.
  4. Kastron Mefa’a is renowned for its beautiful mosaic floors, particularly in the Church of St.
  5. Stephen. The rectangular walled enclosure represents the early Islamic presence in the area.

Visit Umm ar-Rasas (Kastron Mefa’a)

The ruins of the Roman military camp at Umm ar-Rasas offer a glimpse into the site’s ancient origins. Explore the remnants of this strategic settlement and learn about its role in the region’s history.

The Byzantine churches at Umm ar-Rasas showcase the site’s religious significance and artistic heritage. Marvel at the intricate mosaic floors, particularly the extraordinary floor in the Church of St. Stephen, which features vivid depictions of cities from the region.

The remains of the early Islamic palace and the walled enclosure attest to the site’s continued importance during the Umayyad period. Discover the architectural features of these structures and their significance in the site’s history.

Map of Umm ar Rasas (Kastron Mefa’a)

Discover Umm ar Rasas (Kastron Mefa’a)

  • Roman Military Camp: Explore the ruins of the ancient Roman settlement.
  • Byzantine Churches: Visit the churches and marvel at their exquisite mosaic floors.
  • Church of St. Stephen: Admire the spectacular mosaic floor depicting regional cities.
  • Early Islamic Palace: Discover the remains of the Umayyad Palace.
  • Rectangular Walled Enclosure: Investigate the early Islamic presence at the site.

Travel to Umm ar-Rasas (Kastron Mefa’a)

List of tours in Jordan that travel to Kastron Mefa’a.

Photos of Umm ar Rasas (Kastron Mefa’a)

Images of the archaeological site of Kastron Mefa’a, showcasing its well-preserved ruins and intricate mosaic