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Where is Iraq located on the World map?

Where is Iraq located? Iraq is a country located in Western Asia, in the region often referred to as the Middle East. It is situated in the northern part of the Arabian Peninsula and shares borders with several neighboring countries. To the north, Iraq borders Turkey and Iran, while to the east, it is bordered by Iran. To the southeast, it shares a border with Kuwait, and to the south, it is bounded by Saudi Arabia. Additionally, Iraq has a small coastline along the Persian Gulf to the southeast.

Where is Iraq located: Asia.

Location of Iraq on the World Map

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Map of Iraq.

Iraq Profile – Where is Iraq located

Here are 10 of the most important facts about Iraq:

  • Official Name: Republic of Iraq
  • Capital City: Baghdad
  • Population: Approximately 41 million (as of 2021)
  • Official Language: Arabic, Kurdish
  • Currency: Iraqi Dinar (IQD)
  • Major Religion: Islam (predominantly Shia with a significant Sunni Muslim population)
  • Government: Federal parliamentary republic
  • Area: Approximately 438,317 square kilometers
  • GDP (Gross Domestic Product): $159.5 billion (as of 2021)
  • Main Exports: Crude oil, refined petroleum products, crude materials, and chemicals.
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Where is Iraq located

Borders of Iraq

Iraq shares land borders with eight countries.

Borders of Iraq

Bordering CountryApproximate Length of Border (in kilometers)
Saudi Arabia814

Iraq Map

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Most Extreme Points of Iraq

Iraq has several extreme points in different directions:

  • Northernmost Point: Near the border with Turkey.
  • Southernmost Point: On the border with Kuwait.
  • Easternmost Point: Near the border with Iran.
  • Westernmost Point: On the border with Syria.

Highest Point of Iraq

The highest point in Iraq is Cheekha Dar, also known as Mount Chilane, reaching an elevation of approximately 3,611 meters above sea level.

No.MountainElevation (meters)
1Cheekha Dar3,611
2Halgurd Mountain3,607
3Haji Ibrahim Mountain3,600
4Rostaq Mountain3,584
5Korek Mountain3,574

How big is Iraq?

Iraq covers an area of approximately 438,317 square kilometers, making it the 58th largest country in the world.

Comparison with Neighboring Countries

Here is a comparison of Iraq with its neighboring countries based on approximate size and population as of 2021:

CountryApproximate Size (sq. km)Approximate PopulationIraq’s Size Compared to Neighboring CountryIraq’s Population Compared to Neighboring Country
Iran1,648,19584.1 million0.27 times smaller0.049 times smaller
Kuwait17,8184.3 million24.56 times bigger9.53 times bigger
Saudi Arabia2,149,69035 million4.68 times smaller1.17 times smaller
Jordan89,34210.3 million4.91 times bigger3.98 times bigger
Syria185,18017 million2.36 times bigger2.41 times bigger
Turkey783,35684.8 million0.56 times smaller0.048 times smaller

What to Visit in Iraq?

Iraq offers a rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty. Here are the top 5 tourist attractions:

  1. Ancient City of Babylon: An ancient Mesopotamian city known for its famous Hanging Gardens and the Ishtar Gate.
  2. Hatra: An ancient fortified city with well-preserved ruins and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  3. Erbil Citadel: One of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world, featuring a citadel with historical significance.
  4. Samara Archaeological City: Home to the Great Mosque of Samarra, one of the largest mosques in the world.
  5. Baghdad: The capital city offers historical sites like the Abbasid Palace and the National Museum of Iraq.

These Iraq destinations offer a diverse array of experiences, from delving into ancient history and cultural significance to savoring the vibrant urban life and immersing oneself in the breathtaking natural beauty of Iraq’s landscapes.

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