UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Pakistan

Pakistan UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The UNESCO Sites in Pakistan have resulted in the recognition of 6 cultural and natural landmarks as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Pakistan and 26 locations on the Pakistan UNESCO tentative list. These tourist sites in Pakistan are acknowledged for their unique and valuable cultural, natural, artistic, and historical significance and are preserved for future generations to enjoy.

In addition to these 6 sites in the Pakistan UNESCO list, there are many other places to travel to Pakistan that are being considered for UNESCO recognition. These sites, listed on the tentative list, showcase the country’s rich cultural heritage and are waiting for approval to join the prestigious and famous World Heritage Sites list.

To help visitors discover these remarkable Pakistan tourist attractions, we have assembled an interactive map of the UNESCO sites in Pakistan.

Pakistan UNESCO Map

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Pakistan UNESCO Map

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Pakistan

There are 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Pakistan. All of these six sites are listed under the Cultural category.

  • Archaeological Ruins at Moenjodaro
  • Takht-i-Bahi and Sahr-i-Bahlol
  • Lahore Fort and Shalamar Gardens
  • Historical Monuments at Makli, Thatta
  • Rohtas Fort
  • Taxila

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Pakistan are protected locations for their cultural and natural importance.

Archaeological Ruins at Moenjodaro

This ancient city in Pakistan boasts impressive archaeological ruins, including the Great Bath, a large public bath that showcases the sophisticated drainage system of the Indus Valley Civilization.

Takht-i-Bahi and Sahr-i-Bahlol

These Buddhist ruins in Pakistan date back to the 1st century and feature well-preserved monasteries, stupas, and residential buildings. The site offers a glimpse into the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of the ancient Gandhara kingdom.

Lahore Fort and Shalamar Gardens

This historic fort in Lahore, Pakistan, has a rich history dating back to the Mughal era and is renowned for its impressive architecture and intricate tile work. The adjacent Shalamar Gardens are a beautiful example of Mughal-style gardens and feature fountains, pools, and cypress trees.

Historical Monuments at Makli, Thatta

This historic city in Pakistan is home to the largest necropolis in the world, with over a million tombs and monuments spread across several square kilometers. The site showcases the architectural styles of different dynasties, including the Samma, Tarkhan, and Mughal periods.

Rohtas Fort

This 16th-century fort in Pakistan was built to control the region and suppress rebellions. It is known for its massive walls, gates, and bastions and is considered one of the most well-preserved examples of military architecture from the medieval era.


This ancient city in Pakistan is known for its rich cultural heritage, including Buddhist monasteries, stupas, and temples, as well as the remains of a thriving university center that attracted scholars from around the ancient world. Taxila provides a glimpse into the Gandhara civilization’s religious, academic, and commercial center.

Pakistan UNESCO tentative list

  1. Badshahi Mosque, Lahore
  2. Wazir Khan’s Mosque, Lahore
  3. Tombs of Jahangir, Asif Khan and Akbari Sarai, Lahore
  4. Hiran Minar and Tank, Sheikhupura
  5. Tomb of Hazrat Rukn-e-Alam, Multan
  6. Rani Kot Fort, Dadu
  7. Shah Jahan Mosque, Thatta
  8. Chaukhandi Tombs, Karachi
  9. Archaeological Site of Mehrgarh
  10. Archaeological Site of Rehman Dheri
  11. Archaeological Site of Harappa
  12. Archaeological Site of Ranigat
  13. Shahbazgarhi Rock Edicts
  14. Mansehra Rock Edicts
  15. Baltit Fort
  16. Tomb of Bibi Jawindi, Baha’al-Halim and Ustead and the Tomb and Mosque of Jalaluddin Bukhari
  17. Tomb of Shah Rukn-e-Alam
  18. Port of Banbhore
  19. Derawar and the Desert Forts of Cholistan
  20. Hingol Cultural Landscape
  21. Karez System Cultural Landscape
  22. Nagarparkar Cultural Landscape
  23. Central Karakorum National Park
  24. Deosai National Park
  25. Ziarat Juniper Forest
  26. The Salt Range and Khewra Salt Mine

Tours in Pakistan

Our choices of tours in Pakistan are divided into thematic features such as Moenjodaro, Takht-i-Bahi and Sahr-i-Bahlol, Lahore Fort and Shalamar Gardens, Taxila, and the Rohtas Fort Experience.