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List of 33 Countries Now Exempt from Iran Visa Requirements

Iran has made a significant announcement, opening its doors to visitors from 33 countries without the need for a visa. Among the countries benefiting from this decision are Gulf states, including Saudi Arabia, which had previously had strained relations with Iran until a recent thawing of tensions. The move is seen as a positive step towards improved diplomatic relations.

According to reports from the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), the country’s Ministry of Tourism believes that this open-door policy reflects Iran’s commitment to engaging with the international community. This change means that now citizens of 45 countries and territories can travel to Iran without the hassle of obtaining a visa.

This development holds particular significance for the relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, as both countries have been involved in conflicts in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen over the past decade. However, in March, they agreed to fully restore diplomatic relations, marking a positive turning point in their interactions.

The list of countries benefiting from the visa waiver includes not only Gulf nations like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar but also other countries such as Bahrain, even though full diplomatic ties with Tehran have not yet been reestablished.

Among the countries on the list are Lebanon, Tunisia, India, various Central Asian and African nations, and several Muslim-majority countries. Interestingly, the sole Western-aligned European nation on the list is Croatia, a relatively small member of the European Union and NATO. This decision reflects Iran’s desire to foster tourism and international connections from a diverse range of countries.

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Full list of 33 countries whose citizens are exempt from visa requirements when traveling to Iran:

  1. Republic of India
  2. Russian Federation (as a group)
  3. United Arab Emirates
  4. Kingdom of Bahrain
  5. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  6. Kingdom of Qatar
  7. Kingdom of Kuwait
  8. The Republic of Lebanon
  9. Republic of Uzbekistan
  10. Kyrgyz Republic
  11. Republic of Tajikistan
  12. Republic of Tunisia
  13. Islamic Republic of Mauritania
  14. United Republic of Tanzania
  15. Republic of Zimbabwe
  16. Republic of Mauritius
  17. Republic of Seychelles
  18. The Republic of Indonesia
  19. Brunei Darussalam
  20. Kingdom of Japan
  21. Republic of Singapore
  22. Kingdom of Cambodia
  23. Kingdom of Malaysia
  24. Socialist Republic of Vietnam
  25. Federal Republic of Brazil
  26. Republic of Peru
  27. Republic of Cuba
  28. United States of Mexico
  29. Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
  30. Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  31. Republic of Serbia
  32. Republic of Croatia
  33. Republic of Belarus

This list showcases the diverse range of countries that can now visit Iran without the need for a visa, reflecting Iran’s commitment to fostering international tourism and diplomatic relations.