Map countries visited

Create your own map of countries visited. Free map maker of the 193 countries recognized by the UN (United Nations). Have you been asking how many countries have I visited? Map countries visited fast! This is your easy country counter with an interactive map maker. Copy the code and easily add a map to travel blogs.

Map Countries Visited UN193

How many countries I have been to. Visited Countries Map Maker

Select the United Nations member states that you visited

๐ŸŒˆ Country map color picker

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  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Black

Copy & Paste this code and use it on your website

How to build a map of countries visited?

Map countries visited


  1. Select the continents to start mark countries on world map;
  2. Complete the visited country checklist;
  3. Select the desired country color;
  4. Follow your current map of visited countries above the list;
  5. To use the countries visited map on your website COPY the automatically generated code and PASTE it on your blog’s HTML text editor;
  6. You can also copy the updated map as an image and share it;
  7. Share this page with your friends!

This map maker uses the official member states of the United Nations list.