21 Days in Mauritania

21 Days

Experience an expansive 21-day adventure in Mauritania for €4500 per person, commencing in Nouakchott and covering an array of captivating locales. The first 10 days unfold a journey through historical and natural marvels, including Boutilimit, Sangrave, Tidjikja, and the ancient petroglyphs at Akreijit. From day 13, venture from Tidjikja to Atar and onward to the architectural treasure of Oudane and the geological wonder, Richat Structure. Revel in the timeless aura of Chinguetti, explore the Big Sand Dunes, and immerse in the Bedouin and Berber cultures at Zarga Mountain. The tour further unveils the prehistoric Benamira Monolith, an overnight journey on the Iron Train across the Sahara, and serene moments at Terjit Oasis. Enjoy a boat ride to a picturesque island and a relaxed day in Nouakchott before your departure, encapsulating a rich tapestry of Mauritanian allure, history, and natural splendor.

21-day Mauritania itinerary

  • Starting Point: Nouakchott
  • Destinations: Boutilimit, Sangrave, Guelta Matmata, Tidjikja, Tichit, Akreijit (Petroglyphs), Elephant Rock/Finger Rock Es Sba, Oualata, Néma, Timbédra, Ayoun el Atrous, Guelta Metraucha, Kiffa, Aleg, and Diawling.

  • Spend Day 11 leisurely exploring Nouakchott further or relaxing at your accommodation.
  • On Day 12, prepare for the next leg of your adventure.

  • Transport: Private 4×4 Hilux from Tidjikja to Atar (approx. 5 hours).
  • Activities: Evening exploration of local markets and Mauritanian cuisine tasting.
  • Accommodation: Hotel in Atar.

  • Destinations: Oudane town (ancient architecture) and Richat Structure (“Eye of the Sahara”).
  • Accommodation: Hotel in Oudane.

  • Highlight: UNESCO World Heritage Sites exploration in Chinguetti.
  • Accommodation: Overnight stay in Chinguetti.

  • Transport: Camel ride to the Big Sand Dunes (approx. 10km).
  • Highlight: Visit to the Singing Dune.
  • Accommodation: Return to Chinguetti for overnight stay.

  • Destinations: Zarga Mountain (Bedouin and Berber communities) and onwards to Terjit Oasis.
  • Accommodation: Traditional desert camp at Terjit Oasis.

  • Highlights: Benamira Monolith exploration and Iron Train journey across the Sahara.
  • Accommodation: Overnight on the Iron Train.

  • Activities: Discover Nouadhibou, travel to Banc d’Arguin.
  • Accommodation: Arkeiss Camp.

  • Activities: Morning boat ride to a nearby island, lunch, and drive back to Nouakchott.
  • Accommodation: Hotel in Nouakchott.

Activities: Rest at the hotel, airport drop-off, and end of services.

This is a private Mauritania tour package. Upon booking this Mauritania tour, please be informed that visa processing may require some time, thus it’s prudent to plan accordingly. Visa requirements may vary by nationality, so it’s vital to stay updated with the latest guidelines and allocate sufficient time for processing. Your tour initiates in Nouakchott, Mauritania. We can orchestrate a pickup at a location of your preference in Nouakchott, either at your hotel in the morning or directly from the Nouakchott International Airport arrivals gate. Tailoring your expedition to cater to your preferences is our priority, so feel free to engage in discussions for any personalized arrangements with us.

Mauritania is a secure country to explore, brimming with historical and natural vistas awaiting your discovery. The itinerary encompasses travel to various towns and regions, offering a diverse spectrum of experiences.

Most nationalities would necessitate a visa to enter Mauritania, and it’s advisable to scrutinize the latest visa regulations well in advance of your travel dates. Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months from the date of entry into Mauritania.

It’s recommended to exchange some currency (Euros or Dollars) for Mauritanian Ouguiya before or upon arrival. Your driver can aid you with this task, ensuring a smooth transition for your travel expenditures.

Budgeting for personal expenses such as souvenirs, lunches, and dinners, anticipate spending in the range of 100 – 200 dollars, depending on personal inclinations.

This tour is a standalone experience, but should the wanderlust beckon for more exploration, we can assist in arranging extended tour packages to neighboring countries or other regions within Mauritania.

Our devoted team has meticulously curated this tour, with our destination manager having recently traversed Mauritania to ensure a seamless and enriching experience for you. We endeavor to provide reliable, updated information and the pinnacle of service to make your Mauritanian adventure truly unforgettable.


  • 21 days in Mauritania.
  • 4x4 car
  • Accommodations (hotel)
  • Fuel
  • Food
  • Water
  • Tax visit
  • Driver and english guide■camels rental
  • Tents equipments
  • A cook
  • boat rental

Not Included

  • Boat rental 100euro
  • Sleeping bags
  • Goggles for the train

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21 Days in Mauritania
Group Discount Available
From $2,761
/ Adult
  • Nouakchott
  • Nouakchott
  • 3-4 star hotels
  • Included
  • SUV or Car
  • Nouakchott, Boutilimit, Sangrave, Guelta Matmata, Tidjikja, Tichit, Akreijit (Petroglyphs), Elephant Rock/Finger Rock Es Sba, Oualata, Néma, Timbédra, Ayoun el Atrous, Guelta Metraucha, Kiffa, Aleg, and Diawling.
  • Included

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