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Tours in Mauritania

Our selection of tours in Mauritania is categorized based on thematic aspects such as Nouakchott, Atar, Chinguetti, Banc d’Arguin National Park, and Sahara Desert experiences.

Mauritania is an enthralling travel destination filled with captivating cultural elements. It boasts a rich history, outstanding architecture, and natural marvels nestled in North-West Africa. Drenched in history, breathtaking landscapes, and compelling cultural heritage, Mauritania is a country often overlooked by many travelers. Nonetheless, Mauritania has everything to captivate those in search of adventure travel packages. The exotic Mauritanian culture can be explored with our meticulously curated Mauritanian tours to its extensive range of monuments and cities, diverse landscapes, and exceptionally hospitable population.


Mauritania is a country located in North-West Africa.

It is easy to tour Mauritania mainly because of its geographic location.

Choosing and booking a tour of Mauritania can be complicated because most people don’t understand the country’s geographic proportions.

Join one of our Mauritania packages and travel the region safely with our expertise.

Our excursions in Mauritania offer a single departure option. You have the choice to select either Nouakchott or Atar as your arrival city for our Mauritania tours.

Mauritania tour package options are extensive since the country is full of monuments and things to do.

Visiting the top Mauritania tourist places will delight those who enjoy ancient archaeological sites, history, religion, stunning nature, and friendly smiles.

Your vacation in Mauritania package will be unforgettable because of the region’s unique architecture, exotic destinations, and generous people.

The opportunity to be a Mauritania tour operator gives us great joy since we’re very proud to promote this beautiful and unique destination.

We feel happy to provide unforgettable Mauritania travel experiences that will create long-lasting memories.

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Tours in Mauritania

Mauritania’s practical information

  • Population: Approximately 4.5 million people.
  • Area: 1,030,700 sq. km. 4.2 times bigger than UK.
  • Land borders: Mauritania shares land borders with Morocco, Algeria, Mali, Senegal, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.
  • Length of coastline: Mauritania has a coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, spanning approximately 754 kilometers.
  • Capital city: Nouakchott (Population approximately 1.5 million people).
  • Languages: Arabic is the official language of Mauritania
  • Electricity/Plug Type: 220 V / 50 Hz / plug type: C and F.

Mauritania Tours from Nouakchott

Start: Nouakchott | Time of year: January to December | Tour type: Private

, , 21 Days – 20 Nights 1-7 People

Experience an expansive 21-day adventure in Mauritania for €4500 per person, commencing in Nouakchott and covering an array of captivating locales. The first 10 days…

, , 15 Days – 14 Nights 1-7 People

This tour encompasses a 15-day adventurous journey across various landscapes and cities in Mauritania. Starting from Nouakchott, the first day involves a welcome at the…

Fortress of Ouadane
, , 10 Days – 9 Nights 1-7 People

The 10-day tour in Mauritania offers a rich exploration of the country's historic and natural attractions. Commencing with your arrival in Nouakchott, the tour unfolds…

Big Sand Dunes
, , 9 Days – 8 Nights 1-7 People

This 9-day expedition in the desert of Mauritania is an immersive experience that takes you through some of the region's most stunning and historically rich…

, , 8 Days – 7 Nights 1-5 People

Embark on an 8-day adventure through Mauritania, starting with a journey from Nouakchott to Atar to immerse in the local culture. The following days take…

, 7 Days – 6 Nights 1-7 People

Embark on a 7-day adventure across the picturesque landscapes of Adrar, Mauritania, unveiling the region's unique blend of natural wonders and rich history. Start your…

Peaks of the Adrar Plateau
, , 4 Days – 3 Nights 1-7 People

Embark on a four-day excursion through Mauritania's captivating Adrar region . The journey kicks off in Nouakchott, followed by a scenic drive to Atar to…

The Lost City of Chinguetti

The 1-day tour in Nouakchott, Mauritania, offers a blend of cultural, historical, and natural experiences as you venture through the lively markets and notable landmarks…

Mauritania Group Tours from Nouakchott

Start: Nouakchott | Time of year: January to December | Tour type: Join a Group

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Highlights of Mauritania

Highlights of the most Beautiful Places in Mauritania:

The Lost City of Chinguetti, Banc d’Arguin National Park, Port de Pêche Nouakchott, Peaks of the Adrar Plateau, Cap Blanc Peninsula, Sahara Desert Oases, The Tomb of Emir Ahmed Ould Hashemi, Statues of Independence Square in Nouakchott, Cinema of Mauritanian Legends, Mauritanian Souks, Fortress of Ouadane, Monastery of Tichitt, Gardens of Atar, Chinguetti’s Ancient Libraries, Unfinished Monument of Zouerate, Crystal Waters of Tergit Lakes, Atar’s Mosque of Ould Jiddou, Sunset Views from Terjit Oasis, Ancient Rock Art of Oum el-Alemad, Blue Waters of Cap Vert Peninsula, Musée National in Nouakchott.

Travel in Mauritania FAQ

All you need to know about travel to Mauritania and visit the most famous Mauritania tourist attractions.

Are these trips on Mauritania private tours?

Yes, most of these Mauritania tours are made so that only you, your family, and your friends will travel together. You will not be traveling to Mauritania along with people you never met. But we also have Mauritania group tours available if you’re interested.

At a certain point, while searching on the Internet, you might ask about the difference between private and group tours. The difference is whether you will share transportation with unknown people, family, or friends.

Imagine you buy a tour to Mauritania and come with your family. This will be a regular private tour, where you will have private transportation and a guide during the whole trip. Package for Mauritania tour prices changes depending on the number of days and the quality of hotels. Consequently, a 3-star or 4-star hotel tour will be cheaper than a luxury tour featuring 5-star hotels. The trip cost gets cheaper depending on the people that travel with you since the transportation price will be divided by everyone.

The second situation is if you buy one place in our guaranteed departures for Mauritania group tours. In this case, you will join a group of people traveling along using the same transportation. We set up specific dates with a certain number of open seats so solo travelers can quickly and affordably join our Mauritania tour agency.

As a tour agency in Mauritania, we specialize in providing unique travel experiences that highlight various themes, including desert landscapes, stunning architecture, rich cultural heritage, captivating photography opportunities, and the breathtaking beauty of nature. Our dedicated team of tour guides in Mauritania is committed to ensuring that your journey is meticulously planned and that you create unforgettable memories. Exploring Mauritania offers an exceptional choice for your upcoming vacation in North-West Africa.

How much is the price of monument tickets in Mauritania?

For the most famous attractions, Mauritania’s monument and museum entrances range between USD 10 and USD 25.

Mauritania has some exciting and critical registered monuments under the Ministry of Tourism. Our tours usually have all the entrances included in the price, so this is something you don’t have to worry about.

The prices of monuments in Mauritania differ between destinations. The very high price difference seems unusual, but it is how the government and local authorities compensate for the option of receiving visitors.

Most tourist attractions in Mauritania are very well maintained, so expect major tourist sites to be clean and well organized, with proper facilities, available tourist guides, opening times, decent opening hours, etc.

Is Mauritania a tourist country?

Mauritania is one of the world’s most unique countries regarding historical, natural, and cultural heritage. Being at the junction of different cultures, the country possesses a rich history reflecting the number of Mauritania tourist attractions and monuments spread throughout the nation’s massive size within its region.

While you visit Mauritania, you can indulge in thousand-year-old ancient monuments of all types and shapes.

There are 2 properties inscribed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO in Mauritania: Ancient Ksour of Ouadane, Chinguetti, Tichitt and Oualata , Banc d’Arguin National Park.

In addition to its inscribed UNESCO sites in Mauritania, there is a list of more than 3 properties on its tentative list: Paysage culturel d’Azougui, Site archéologique de Kumbi Saleh and Site archéologique de Tegdaoust. The perfect example of Mauritania’s history can be seen when choosing your itinerary.

As a Mauritania tour operator, we fully design our packages to fulfill all your needs. We know the country by heart and provide the best services, partners, guides, and accommodations we personally visited and examined.

Is it safe to travel to Mauritania?

Yes, Mauritania is safe to travel to.

Most people have the wrong idea regarding whether Mauritania is safe to travel to. Still, the reality doesn’t match the misleading news we often see on television, picturing Mauritania as a dangerous country.

People are extremely friendly and welcome tourists with open arms. Before traveling to Mauritania, you must open your mind, leave your comfort zone, and embrace this fantastic destination. You will realize the country is “normal” just a few minutes after arrival.

The crime rate toward tourists is relatively low. Mauritania is one of the safest countries in the region. This Nouakchott vacation package for Mauritania tour options is extensive since the country is big and full of monuments and things to do.

Is Mauritania safe for tourists? Definitely yes.

Also, if you’re wondering if Mauritania tours for US citizens are safe, local people are very welcoming and love tourists from all over the world. People from Mauritania learned not to mix politics with personal relations and human interaction throughout history.

Are you asking either if Mauritania is safe for Indian tourists? YES, it is.

How can tourists communicate with people in Mauritania?

The official language of Mauritania is not English; it is Arabic. Various indigenous languages are spoken by different ethnic groups in the country.

Having some knowledge of French is highly recommended. In larger cities, particularly among the middle and upper classes, you will find a significant number of people who can communicate in French to varying degrees, making it easier for tourists to interact. Moreover, all our Mauritania tours offer the option of a full-time guide who is fluent in French, English, and the local languages of Mauritania. This ensures that you will feel at ease and have the opportunity to learn about the culture, history, and traditions of Mauritania during your trip.

Mauritania Tourist Attractions

Images of Mauritania with the most important tourist attractions.

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