Lalibela in Ethiopia

Travel to Lalibela, nestled in the Ethiopian highlands; Lalibela is a must-visit destination for history buffs and spiritual seekers alike. Often called the “African Jerusalem,” this UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to 11 monolithic churches carved out of the rugged mountain terrain in the 12th and 13th centuries.

When you visit Lalibela, you’ll have the opportunity to explore these magnificent architectural wonders, marvel at their intricate details, and learn about their rich religious history. Our tours in Ethiopia offer the chance to immerse yourself in the unique culture and enchanting atmosphere of the mystical town of Lalibela.

Lalibela Ethiopia

“Lalibela is a historic town in Ethiopia, famous for its breathtaking rock-hewn churches and rich cultural heritage, dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries.”

Curiosities about Lalibela:

  1. Lalibela is located in the Ethiopian highlands.
  2. It is often referred to as the “African Jerusalem.”
  3. Lalibela is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  4. The town is home to 11 monolithic rock-hewn churches.
  5. These churches were carved from the mountains in the 12th and 13th centuries.
  6. Lalibela is an important pilgrimage site for Ethiopian Orthodox Christians.
  7. Visa on arrival is available for many nationalities and you can travel to Lalibela.

Visit Lalibela’s Rock-Hewn Churches

The rock-hewn churches of Lalibela showcase the town’s religious significance and artistic mastery. Explore these architectural wonders carved out of the mountains, and learn about the rich spiritual history that permeates the town.

Bete Giyorgis, or the Church of St. George, is arguably the most iconic of the 11 churches. This cross-shaped monolithic structure is a testament to the extraordinary skill of the artisans who created it.

The Northern and Eastern churches offer additional examples of astounding rock-hewn architecture, each boasting its distinct style and design.

Map of Lalibela

Discover Lalibela

  • Lalibela’s Rock-Hewn Churches: Uncover the fascinating history of these architectural marvels.
  • Bete Giyorgis: Marvel at the iconic Church of St. George, carved in the shape of a cross.
  • Northern and Eastern Church Groups: Explore these remarkable structures’ unique styles and designs.
  • Yemrehanna Kristos: Visit this beautiful church in a natural cave outside Lalibela.
  • Lalibela Village: Experience the local community’s daily life and vibrant culture.
  • Lalibela Market: Immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of the town’s vibrant market.
  • Trekking around Lalibela: Discover the stunning landscapes and breathtaking views of the Ethiopian highlands.

Travel to Lalibela

List of tours in Ethiopia that travel to Lalibela.

Photos of Lalibela

Images of the mesmerizing town of Lalibela showcasing its rock-hewn churches, unique architecture, and enchanting atmosphere in Ethiopia.