Where is Kazakhstan located on the World map? Kazakhstan 2

Where is Kazakhstan located on the World map?

Where is Kazakhstan located? Kazakhstan is a country located in Central Asia, extending into both Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. It is the largest landlocked country in the world and the ninth-largest by land area.

Kazakhstan is situated in the heart of Eurasia, bordered by several countries in various directions. To the north, it shares borders with Russia. To the east, it is bounded by China. To the south, it borders Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. To the west, it shares a border with the Caspian Sea, which forms a natural boundary, and beyond that lies Azerbaijan.

Where is Kazakhstan located: Asia.

Location of Kazakhstan on the World Map

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Kazakhstan World

Map of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan Profile – Where is Kazakhstan located

Here are 10 of the most important facts about Kazakhstan:

  • Official Name: Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Capital City: Nur-Sultan
  • Population: Approximately 19.3 million (as of 2021)
  • Official Language: Kazakh and Russian
  • Currency: Kazakhstani Tenge (KZT)
  • Major Religion: Islam (predominantly Sunni with a minority of Shia Muslims)
  • Government: Presidential Republic
  • Area: Approximately 2,724,900 square kilometers
  • GDP (Gross Domestic Product): $188.5 billion (as of 2021)
  • Main Exports: Petroleum and petroleum products, metals and minerals, machinery and equipment, and agricultural products.
Where is Kazakhstan located

Borders of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan shares land borders with five countries.

Bordering CountryApproximate Length of Border (in kilometers)
Russia7,591 km
China1,765 km
Kyrgyzstan1,533 km
Uzbekistan2,203 km
Turkmenistan413 km

Kazakhstan Map

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Most Extreme Points of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has several extreme points in different directions:

  • Northernmost Point: Near the border with Russia, north of the city of Petropavl.
  • Southernmost Point: The tripoint border with Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, in the Aral Sea region.
  • Easternmost Point: The point on the Chinese border, east of the city of Almaty.
  • Westernmost Point: The point on the Caspian Sea coastline, near the city of Aqtau.

Highest Points of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan boasts some remarkable elevations, with the following being the highest points across the country:

No.MountainElevation (meters)
1Khan Tengri7,010
2Tavan Bogd4,374
3Belukha Mountain4,506
4Mount Nursultan (formerly Khan Shatyr)4,158
5Mount Talgar4,979

How big is Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan spans an area of roughly 2,724,900 square kilometers, ranking it as the ninth largest country globally.

Comparison with Neighboring Countries

Here is a comparison of Kazakhstan with its neighboring countries based on approximate size and population as of 2021:

CountryApproximate Size (sq. km)Approximate PopulationKazakhstan’s Size Compared to Neighboring CountryKazakhstan’s Population Compared to Neighboring Country
Russia17,125,200145.9 million1.23 times smaller0.21 times smaller
China9,596,9611.4 billion2.17 times bigger7.93 times smaller
Kyrgyzstan199,9516.6 million11.12 times bigger2.86 times smaller
Uzbekistan448,97834.1 million4.95 times bigger0.58 times smaller
Turkmenistan488,1006 million4.55 times bigger2.50 times smaller

What to Visit in Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan offers a diverse range of attractions, showcasing its rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture. Here are the top 9 tourist destinations:

  1. Almaty: Kazakhstan’s largest city and former capital, Almaty boasts a mix of modernity and natural beauty. Visitors can explore the city’s parks, and museums, and enjoy the nearby Tian Shan Mountains.
  2. Nur-Sultan (formerly Astana): The capital city of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan is known for its futuristic architecture, including the Bayterek Tower and the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation. It’s a symbol of the nation’s ambition and progress.
  3. Almaty Region: This region is home to the Charyn Canyon, often referred to as Kazakhstan’s Grand Canyon, with its unique rock formations and hiking opportunities.
  4. Shymkent: A vibrant city in southern Kazakhstan, Shymkent offers a mix of historical sites, local markets, and a taste of Kazakh culture.
  5. Baikonur Cosmodrome: The world’s first and largest space launch facility, Baikonur is a historic site where space exploration history has been made. Visitors can take guided tours and witness rocket launches.
  6. Atyrau: A city on the Caspian Sea, Atyrau is known for its oil industry and offers a glimpse into Kazakhstan’s energy sector. The city also has a growing cultural scene.
  7. Taraz: One of Kazakhstan’s oldest cities, Taraz is rich in history and culture. Explore ancient mausoleums, and historical landmarks, and learn about the Silk Road’s influence on the region.
  8. Lake Balkhash: This large, semi-freshwater lake is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors can enjoy fishing, water sports, and the scenic beauty of the surrounding landscapes.
  9. Shymkent Region: Discover the ancient city of Turkistan, known for the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The region also offers natural attractions like the Karatau Mountains.

These Kazakhstan destinations offer a diverse range of experiences, from exploring ancient history and cultural significance to enjoying modern city life and experiencing the natural beauty of Kazakhstan’s landscapes. Please note that some places may have specific restrictions or entry requirements, especially religious sites, so it’s essential to check before planning your visit.

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