UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The UNESCO Sites in Saudi Arabia have resulted in the recognition of 6 cultural and natural landmarks as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Saudi Arabia and 10 locations on the Saudi Arabia UNESCO tentative list. These touristic sites in Saudi Arabia are acknowledged for their unique and valuable cultural, natural, artistic, and historical significance and are preserved for future generations.

In addition to these 6 sites in the Saudi Arabia UNESCO list, there are many other places to travel to Saudi Arabia that are being considered for UNESCO recognition. These sites, listed on the tentative list, showcase the country’s rich cultural heritage and are waiting for approval to join the prestigious and famous World Heritage Sites list.

To help visitors discover these remarkable Saudi Arabia tourist attractions, we have created an interactive map of the UNESCO sites in Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi Arabia UNESCO Map

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Saudi Arabia UNESCO Map

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Saudi Arabia

There are 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Saudi Arabia. All of these six sites are listed under the Cultural category.

  • The Al-Ahsa Oasis
  • Hegra Archaeological Site
  • At-Turaif District of Ad-Dir’iyah
  • The Historic Jeddah
  • Rock Art of the Hail Region
  • The Ḥimā Cultural Area

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Saudi Arabia are protected locations for their cultural and natural importance.

The Al-Ahsa Oasis

The largest oasis in the world is a serial property comprising gardens, canals, springs, wells, and a drainage lake, as well as historical buildings and archaeological sites that reflect human settlement in the Gulf region from the Neolithic period to the present.

Hegra Archaeological Site

Also known as Al-Hijr, is a cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site in Saudi Arabia. It is the largest conserved site for the Nabataean civilization south of Petra, Jordan, and is characterized by 94 monumental tombs, inscriptions, and cave drawings.

At-Turaif District of Ad-Dir’iyah

A cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site and was the first capital of Saudi Arabia. The district is renowned for its Najdi architectural style and has a largely intact urban and architectural ensemble, including remains of urban ensembles and palaces.

The Historic Jeddah

UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014 is located along the eastern shore of the Red Sea. It served as an essential port for trade routes and was a multicultural hub, with the Old Jeddah Wall being its most distinctive feature.

Rock Art of the Hail Region

The newest cultural site added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Saudi Arabia. It features petroglyphs carved by earlier settlers that provide a glimpse into the region’s history, spanning 2,043 hectares.

The Hima Cultural Area

Located in the southwestern arid mountains of Saudi Arabia on an ancient caravan route. It contains a substantial collection of rock art images depicting hunting, fauna, flora, and lifestyles, with inscriptions in different scripts, including Musnad, South Arabian, Thamudic, Greek, and Arabic. The area is also rich in unexcavated archaeological resources.

Saudi Arabia UNESCO tentative list

  1. Hejaz Railway
  2. Syrian Hajj Road
  3. Egyptian Hajj Road
  4. Rijal Almaa Heritage Village in Assir Region
  5. Zee Ain Heritage Village in Al-Baha Region
  6. Uruq Bani Mu’arid Protected Area
  7. Farasan Islands Protected Area
  8. The Cultural Landscape of Al-Faw Archaeological Area
  9. The Ancient Walled Oases of Northern Arabia
  10. The Hajj Pilgrimage Routes: The Darb Zubaydah

Tours in Saudi Arabia

Our choices of tours in Saudi Arabia are divided into thematic features such as The Historic Jeddah, Rock Art of the Hail Region, The Ḥimā Cultural Area, At-Turaif District of Ad-Dir’iyah, and the Al-Ahsa Oasis Experience.