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10 Years of News about Travel

Here’s a summarized list of some of the most pivotal travel news from 2013 to 2022.


  1. Return of Major Travel Expos: Events like ITB Berlin and World Travel Market might see a mix of physical and virtual attendees.
  2. Adventure and Nature Travel: As travelers seek open spaces and unique experiences, adventure and nature travel might dominate preferences.
  3. Health and Wellness Travel: With a global focus on health, wellness retreats and experiences might see a boom.
  4. Expansion of Green Travel: More travelers might opt for eco-friendly accommodations, carbon offsetting, and sustainable travel practices.
  5. New Air Routes: As airlines seek to rebound, new routes, especially direct flights bypassing traditional hubs, might emerge.
  6. Cultural Exchange: Post-pandemic, there might be a surge in programs promoting cultural exchange and understanding.
  7. Rise of Slow Travel: Longer stays, workations, and immersive experiences in a single destination might become the norm.
  8. Space Tourism: With advancements by companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin, commercial space travel might see more milestones.
  9. Travel Insurance Evolution: The industry might introduce more comprehensive plans covering a range of pandemic-related disruptions.
  10. Revival of Group and MICE Travel: With the world adapting to post-pandemic norms, group travel and Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions (MICE) travel might see a cautious return.


  1. Vaccine Tourism: As countries began rolling out COVID-19 vaccines, there was a surge in travel to places offering vaccines to non-residents.
  2. Travel Corridors Reopen: Countries with successful vaccination campaigns began establishing safe travel corridors or “bubbles.”
  3. Sustainable Tourism Initiatives: As tourism slowly rebooted, there was a heightened focus on eco-friendly and sustainable travel practices.
  4. Rise of Domestic Tourism: With international travel still uncertain, many countries saw a surge in domestic tourism.
  5. Digital Health Passports: Initiatives like the EU’s Digital Green Certificate aimed to facilitate safe and coordinated travel.
  6. Tokyo Olympics: Held in a restricted format, the Tokyo Olympics were a testament to adaptability amidst challenges.
  7. Remote Work Continues: The trend of remote work persisted, with countries like Barbados and Estonia offering long-term digital nomad visas.
  8. Luxury Isolation Retreats: High-end, isolated travel experiences gained popularity, offering exclusivity and safety.
  9. Cruise Industry Restart: With new health measures in place, some cruise lines cautiously resumed operations.
  10. Tech in Travel: Augmented reality, virtual reality, and AI saw broader applications in offering virtual travel experiences and enhancing real-world travel safety.


  1. COVID-19 Pandemic: Global travel restrictions and the rise of virtual travel experiences.
  2. Tokyo Olympics Postponed: Olympics rescheduled to 2021 due to the pandemic.
  3. Rise of Staycations: Local travel booms as international travel is restricted.
  4. EU’s Digital Green Certificate Proposal: A digital COVID-19 certificate to facilitate safe travel.
  5. New Zealand-Australia Travel Bubble: Safe travel corridor established between the countries.
  6. Travel Insurance Evolution: Policies adapt to cover COVID-19-related disruptions.
  7. Remote Work Visas: Countries introduce visas for remote workers to boost long-term stays.
  8. Growth of Nature Tourism: Travelers seek open spaces and nature experiences.
  9. Resurgence of Road Trips: A rise in local road trips as a preferred travel mode.
  10. Virtual Museum Tours: World-famous museums offer virtual tours amidst lockdowns.


  1. France’s New Tourist Strategy: Aims to attract 100 million tourists by 2020.
  2. Uzbekistan’s Visa-free Regime: Introduction of visa-free travel for many countries.
  3. Egypt’s New Grand Egyptian Museum: Preparations for the opening of the mega museum near the pyramids.
  4. Expansion of Electric Planes: Advances in electric flight technology for short-haul flights.
  5. Sri Lanka’s Free Visa On Arrival: Introduced to boost tourism after the Easter attacks.
  6. Growth of Adventure Tourism: Rise in destinations offering unique adventure experiences.
  7. Philippines’ Boracay Reopens: After a rehabilitation effort, the island reopens to tourists.
  8. Amazon Rainforest Focus: Efforts to promote sustainable tourism to protect the Amazon.
  9. Cruise Industry Growth: New eco-friendly ships and unique routes introduced.
  10. Japan’s Tourism Boost: Preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics attract global interest.


  1. EU’s New Visa Code Proposal: Plans to simplify and modernize the EU visa code.
  2. Thailand’s Maya Bay Closure: Authorities close the bay to allow environmental recovery.
  3. Georgia’s Visa Liberalization: Georgia introduces visa-free travel to several countries.
  4. Growth of Under-tourism: Travelers seek less-visited destinations to avoid over-tourism.
  5. Trans-Siberian Railway’s 100th Anniversary: Celebrations for the world’s longest railway route.
  6. India’s Statue of Unity: World’s tallest statue opens, attracting global attention.
  7. Ethiopia’s New Visa Policy: Introduces e-visa service for international visitors.
  8. Revival of the Silk Road: Efforts to boost tourism along the ancient trade route.
  9. South Korea Winter Olympics: PyeongChang hosts the Winter Olympics, boosting tourism.
  10. Caribbean’s Post-Hurricane Recovery: Islands work towards recovery and invite tourists back.


  1. China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Plans to boost connectivity and trade, affecting tourism.
  2. Chernobyl Opens to Tourists: The infamous site becomes an unexpected tourist attraction.
  3. Qatar’s Visa-free Entry: Qatar allows visa-free entry for citizens of 80 countries.
  4. Sustainable Tourism Year: The UN declares 2017 the Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.
  5. Rise of Agri-tourism: More travelers participate in farm stays and agricultural experiences.
  6. Expansion of Bullet Trains: Japan and China expand their high-speed rail networks.
  7. Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030: Plans to diversify economy and boost tourism.
  8. Space Tourism Milestones: Companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin make significant advancements.
  9. Bhutan’s Sustainable Travel Model: Bhutan’s “High Value, Low Impact” tourism garners interest.
  10. Ecuador’s New Train Route: Scenic train route through the Andes gets international attention.


  1. US National Parks Centennial: Celebrations boost visits to national parks.
  2. Canada’s Tourism Campaign: Canada’s 150th-anniversary preparations boost interest.
  3. Qatar Airways’ Longest Flight: Launches the world’s longest direct flight route.
  4. Vietnam’s Visa Exemptions: Vietnam offers visa exemptions to several European countries.
  5. Disney in China: Opening of the Shanghai Disney Resort.
  6. Growth of Biometric Technology: Airports begin testing biometric systems for faster processing.
  7. Australia’s Tourism Campaign: “Australia Inc.” aims to boost tourism and trade.
  8. Africa’s Open Skies Agreement: Efforts to liberalize African skies for airlines.
  9. Growth of Digital Nomadism: Rise of co-working spaces and destinations catering to digital nomads.
  10. New Polar Cruise Routes: Increased interest in polar cruises to the Arctic and Antarctica.


  1. Cuba-US Relations: The U.S. starts normalizing relations, leading to increased travel interest.
  2. Expo 2015 in Milan: The World Expo in Milan boosts European travel.
  3. New Zealand’s Tourism Surge: Due to the “Hobbit effect,” New Zealand sees a rise in visitors.
  4. Rise of Solo Travel: More travelers opt to explore the world solo, with companies catering to this trend.
  5. Singapore’s Golden Jubilee: The city-state celebrates with various events, boosting tourism.
  6. UAE’s Vision 2021: Plans to make the UAE a top destination for global travelers.
  7. Transcontinental Rail Journeys: Revival of luxury train journeys across continents.
  8. Greek Island Tourism: Despite economic challenges, Greek islands remain popular.
  9. New UNESCO World Heritage Sites: New additions to the list boost tourism interest.
  10. Rise of Wellness Tourism: More travelers seek health and well-being experiences.


  1. Panama Canal Expansion: Enhancements to accommodate larger ships.
  2. Brazil World Cup: Brazil hosts the FIFA World Cup, attracting global tourists.
  3. New Airport Facilities: Many airports globally undergo upgrades and expansions.
  4. Cruise Ship Innovations: Introduction of new, environmentally-friendly cruise ships.
  5. China’s 72-hour Visa-free Policy: Expansion to more cities to boost tourism.
  6. E-visa Platforms: More countries adopt electronic visa application systems.
  7. Hyperloop Concept Introduced: Elon Musk introduces the high-speed transportation concept.
  8. Northern Lights Boom: Increased interest in Arctic and Nordic tourism for Northern Lights.
  9. Growth of Eco-Tourism: More travelers seek sustainable and eco-friendly travel options.
  10. Expansion of Low-Cost Carriers: More routes and destinations added globally.


  1. Boeing 787 Dreamliner: Introduction of the long-awaited fuel-efficient plane.
  2. Cuba Tourism Boost: Cuba sees a surge in tourism as restrictions slowly ease.
  3. Icelandic Tourism Surge: Iceland becomes a popular travel destination.
  4. TSA’s PreCheck Expansion: U.S. introduces expedited screening for low-risk travelers.
  5. Visa-on-Arrival in India: India expands visa-on-arrival to several countries.
  6. Myanmar Opens Up: The once-reclusive country becomes a sought-after destination.
  7. High-Speed Rail: Expansion of high-speed rail networks in China and Europe.
  8. Brazil Prepares for World Cup: Infrastructure upgrades ahead of the 2014 event.
  9. Dubai Airport Expansion: Becomes one of the world’s busiest international airports.
  10. Japan Tourism Campaign: Japan launches a campaign to boost tourism after 2011’s earthquake.

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