Syria Travel Information – What to know before you go

Knowing the correct Syrian travel information is crucial to guarantee you have a fantastic trip to this exotic Middle Eastern country. Our expertise will make your dream come true. Read the following Q&A and learn a bit more about the country you’re about to visit while informing yourself about essential issues such as visas, money while on the road, airport pickups, Beirut-Damascus transfers, etc. What to know before you go to Syria will be helpful during your holidays. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you still have questions or doubts about this destination.

Syria travel Information: Need to know

Why can’t you travel independently in Syria?

Travel to Syria without a tourist guide and an organized tour in Syria was possible until 2018. However, after an incident with a German journalist that entered the country as a tourist and carried out activities related to the press, the authorities arrested him and changed the conditions for obtaining a visa. Since then, an accompanying tourist guide with a mandatory hotel reservation became required to ensure that nothing like this happened again.

The Syria tourist visa is issued by cooperation between the Ministry of Tourism, Immigration, and Passports. There are conditions to obtain a Syrian visa on arrival, including having a tourist guide, secured overnight in a hotel, and transportation arranged in advance.

Therefore, you can’t travel independently.

How to get a Syrian visa on arrival?

During the process of booking a Syrian tour with us, we will send you a link to our automated Syria Visa Form.

This form is to request a Syria border security clearance number. After having this number, you can easily buy your Syria tourist visa at the border. Most nationalities can make a Syrian visa at the border after having the visa reference number document.

Fill up all the requested information exactly as you have on the passport. Depending on your nationality, you need from 4 to 15 working days to apply. We will send your application to the Visa Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Damascus.

When we receive your approved border security clearance number, we will upload the PDF to your personal files area, from where you can download and print it. You will be notified by an automated email when this document is uploaded. Don’t forget to check your spam email inbox.

Don’t forget to bring a printed paper version of the document to deliver to the Syrian border passport police. With this border security clearance number, you will skip the line at the border and go directly to pay your VOA (Syrian Visa on Arrival).

Who can get a Syrian visa on arrival?

Citizens of some nations can enter Syria and receive a visa on arrival if entering the country with a Syria tour operator like us – RJ Travel. Allowed nationalities are all European countries, Canada, South American nations, Australia, China, and Hong Kong passports, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Russia.

Visa at the border, upon our provided security clearance code, is available for all nationalities, but for some nationalities (Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, and African countries), it needs special permission that takes 5-6 weeks to get the security clearance.

We send your documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue you a security clearance code, and you will get a visa upon arrival at the border.

With this border security clearance number, you will skip the line at the border and go directly to pay your VOA (Syria Visa on Arrival). Your passport must be valid for at least six months.

The visa is valid for one entry period not exceeding 15 days (with a tour).

How much does the Syrian visa cost at the border?

The visa-on-arrival price differs by nationality and usually costs 25 to 150 Euros. Most nationalities have a 50 Euro visa fee. The Syria visa price at the border costs $72 for European Union nationals, $150 for US citizens, about $20 for South American nations, $31 for China ($75 for Hong Kong), $30 for Japan, $140 for the UK, $90 for Canada, free for Malaysia, $30 for Jamaica, $35 for Georgia, $60 for Mexico, and $35 for Thailand. These prices might change without notice.

Which countries do not require visas to enter Syria?

Currently, the countries that do not require visas to enter Syria are Bahrain, Jordan, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

Should I bring money to Syria?

Yes. Due to sanctions, international cards don’t work in ATMs in Syria, so all payments in the country are made in cash with Syrian pounds (except your tour payment which is made in cash with USD dollars). Personal expenses in Syria are cheap ($5 to $10 for lunch or dinner in a restaurant, $1 to $2 for fast food in the street, $3 for a beer in a bar. You can exchange Syrian pounds at the border or in Damascus. Our driver will assist you at the border and help you exchange money (if you don’t spend it, you can always exchange it back, don’t worry). The exchange rate is volatile.

Should I bring money to Lebanon?

Yes. Due to the current financial instability in Lebanon, taking money out in Lebanese ATMs will cause you to lose money because of the lousy Government official exchange rate. Also, all the ATMs have a weekly limit to widraw money, so you can’t just count on withdrawing a lot of money in Beirut, for example. The best option is to bring cash for your stay in Lebanon and Syria.

How do I get picked up from Beirut?

Our tour starts at 7 am early morning, so you must arrive in Beirut the day before (we can provide hotel and airport transfers), or if you arrive early morning at the airport, we will pick you up from there directly at about 7 am. Some travelers that arrive around 3 or 4 am decide not to book a hotel in Beirut, wait a couple of hours and start the trip directly from there. Take into account that you’ll have a full day visiting Damascus, the capital of Syria, on your first day. You probably need to get some rest. If not, well, let’s go for it!

Is the airport transfer included in the tour?

Our tour includes two transfers. One transfer on the first day and another on the last while returning from Syria. You can choose where to use this round-trip transfer. We will pick you up directly from the airport or your hotel in Beirut. The same applies to return back to Beirut. You can choose to be dropped off directly at the airport or any hotel in Beirut. Talk to us about your preferences, and we will make sure to arrange everything to fit your needs.

Can I buy a Syrian SIM card to have Internet during my trip?

The best Syria Sim Card for tourists is widely available, and how to buy a prepaid Sim Card in Syria during your trip is quite easy. You can get a local Sim card at the border or in Damascus, and the price is USD 5 USD for 2 gigabytes. Talk to our guide in Damascus, and he will make sure to help you get one.

How much is the ticket price of the monument in Syria?

Considering that you just purchased one of our tours, the price of Syrian monuments and museum entrances in Syria is irrelevant. All our tour packages include tickets for the most famous and best Syria tourist attractions. So you don’t have to worry about this subject.

Is Syria safe?

Inside Government protected areas, Syria is quite safe. You will be far from zones of conflict. Generally speaking, you will feel safe in Syria and quickly realize this upon arrival.

You will have to cross many army check-point, and our guides will ensure everything goes smoothly without wasting your precious travel time. Always follow the guide guidelines as he/she will be responsible for your safety.

During the night in Damascus, you will mostly listen to the Damascus anti-missile air defenses shooting down Israeli surface-to-surface missiles. Don’t panic; this is normal and part of Syrian daily life.

Our destination manager was in Syria recently preparing this tour, so you can safely enjoy your holidays in Syria.

This way, we know what to expect and guarantee the best service with reliable, updated knowledge.

Is Syria a safe country to travel to is a crucial subject to understanding this prime adventure holiday destination fully. Many parts of Syria are very safe, while other parts of Syria are not safe to travel to.

Obvsislouy, our Syria tour packages are limited to safe Government-controlled regions; therefore, with us, you can be sure to travel trouble-free.

Our adventure travel company aims to ensure the best service with maximum safety standards. During your tour in Syria, you will always be accompanied by an English-speaking professional guide and a driver. Both are local people who adapted to take you around the country, proudly show you around, and make you have a great time exploring this fantastic historical nation.

Nevertheless and very important to mention that you should follow your guide’s orders.

Conclusion: Within the Syrian government-controlled regions, the country is safe to visit except for some specific regions you will not visit during this trip.

Which Syria hotels does RJ Travel provide?

Our selection of hotels in Syria considers many factors: the most essential safety, cleanness, and professional staff, always, of course, focusing on providing you with the best breakfast possible. When available we put all our clients in these hotels.

Damascus Accommodation 1 » Emar Hotel
Damascus Accommodation 2 » Dar El Noor Hotel
Al Mishtaya Accommodation » Villa Rosa Hotel
Aleppo Accommodation » Aleppo Palace Hotel
Latakkia Accommodation » Al Samman Hotel
Tartous Accommodation » Shahin Tower Hotel
Homs Accommodation » Al Waleed Hotel

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