Premiere Classe

Hotel Premiere Classe in Casablanca Morocco

Hotel Premiere Classe is a budget hotel in Casablanca and a chain with several locations in Morocco. The hotels are typically located in convenient areas near major transportation hubs and tourist attractions. The rooms are simple and functional, but they are clean and comfortable. The hotels offer a variety of amenities, including free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and breakfast buffets.

2-star hotel in Morocco

hotel in Casablanca
Hotel Premiere Classe in Casablanca


  • Free Wi-Fi in all public areas and guest rooms.
  • Air conditioning in all guest rooms.
  • A breakfast buffet is included in the room rate.
  • 24-hour front desk to assist guests with their needs.
  • Laundry service for guests who need to have their clothes laundered.
  • Car rental services for guests who want to explore the surrounding area.

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  • +212 522416025


Rue Qortobi, Casablanca 20250, Morocco