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Jebel Hafeet in UAE

Travel to Jebel Hafeet also known as “Hafeet Mountain”, an awe-inspiring destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers in Al Ain, UAE. This towering mountain, standing tall at the border with Oman, is a natural wonder that showcases the UAE’s diverse landscapes and geological marvels.

As you explore Hafeet Mountain, prepare to be amazed by its rugged terrain, winding roads, and stunning vistas. Our tours in the UAE offer you an opportunity to connect with nature and experience the serenity that envelopes this remarkable mountain.

Jebel Hafeet UAE

Jebel Hafeet is a natural wonder in the UAE, celebrated for its majestic presence and scenic beauty, symbolizing the region’s geological diversity and breathtaking landscapes.”

Curiosities about Jebel Hafeet:

  1. Jebel Hafeet is located in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, near the border with Oman.
  2. It is the highest mountain in the UAE, soaring to an elevation of approximately 1,249 meters (4,098 feet).
  3. The mountain is renowned for its winding road, a popular route for drivers and cyclists, leading to its summit.
  4. Jebel Hafeet offers panoramic views of the surrounding desert landscape and the city of Al Ain.

Visit Jebel Hafeet

The majestic presence and scenic beauty of Jebel Hafeet offer visitors a soul-stirring encounter with nature’s splendor. Explore the rugged terrain and embrace the tranquility that permeates this natural wonder, providing a welcome respite from urban life.

The winding road leading to Jebel Hafeet‘s summit promises a thrilling journey for adventurers, providing captivating views at every turn. Embark on a captivating ascent through this breathtaking mountain and relish the awe-inspiring vistas that unfold before your eyes.

Map of Jebel Hafeet

Discover Jebel Hafeet

  • Jebel Hafeet: Unravel the geological diversity and scenic beauty of the UAE’s highest mountain.
  • Breathtaking Landscapes: Navigate the rugged terrain and embrace the tranquility of Jebel Hafeet’s natural splendor.
  • Winding Road Adventure: Admire the thrill of the winding road journey leading to the mountain’s summit.
  • Panoramic Vistas: Delight in the sweeping views of the desert landscape and Al Ain city from the mountaintop.

Travel to Jebel Hafeet

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Photos of Jebel Hafeet

Images of Jebel Hafeet, showcasing its majestic presence, winding road, and panoramic vistas in the United Arab Emirates.