Towers of Silence

Towers of Silence in Iran

Travel to the Towers of Silence in Iran; the enigmatic Towers, known as Dakhma, are ancient structures built by the Zoroastrians for their unique funerary rituals. These UNESCO-listed sites near Yazd are must-visit destinations for history buffs and those seeking a unique cultural experience. Officially recognized as Zoroastrian Dakhmas, these structures are important to Iran’s ancient religious heritage.

Visiting the Yazd Tower of Silence, you’ll explore the elevated circular platforms where the Zoroastrians practiced sky burial. The deceased was exposed to the elements and scavenging birds in this ritual. This ancient practice signified the purity of nature in Zoroastrian beliefs. Our tours in Iran departing from Tehran allow you to immerse yourself in these fascinating ancient structures’ rich history and culture.

Towers of Silence Iran

“Towers of Silence were an integral part of Zoroastrian funerary rituals, built for sky burial practices (circa 5th century BCE).”

Curiosities about the Towers of Silence:

  1. The Towers of Silence are located near Yazd in Iran and date back to the Achaemenid era.
  2. These structures were used for sky burial, a unique Zoroastrian funerary practice.
  3. Sky burial involved leaving the deceased exposed to the elements and scavenging birds on the tower’s platform.
  4. Zoroastrians believed that sky burial maintained the purity of the earth, air, and fire elements.
  5. The circular platforms were elevated to prevent contamination of the ground below.
  6. There are two main Towers of Silence in Yazd, both on hills near the city.
  7. Zoroastrianism is one of the world’s oldest monotheistic religions in ancient Persia.
  8. Sky burial practices were abandoned in the 20th century due to societal changes and urbanization.
  9. Today, the Towers of Silence are popular tourist attractions that provide insight into Zoroastrian history and culture.
  10. You can apply for an Iran visa upon arrival and travel to the Towers of Silence.

Visit the Towers of Silence

Upon visiting the Towers of Silence, you’ll discover the elevated circular platforms where sky burials occur. The outer rim of the platform was designated for men, the middle ring for women, and the innermost ring for children. Once the bodies were fully decomposed or picked clean by birds, the remaining bones were collected and placed in ossuaries within the tower’s central pit.

Map of the Towers of Silence

Travel to the Towers of Silence

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