Turkmenistan Letter of Invitation

Letter of Invitation (LOI) for Turkmenistan

Thank you for choosing RJ Travel – Tour Operator & DMC for your upcoming tour in Turkmenistan. To assist you in obtaining a Letter of Invitation (LOI) required for your Turkmenistan visa application, please follow the instructions below carefully. The LOI is a necessary document that facilitates the visa application process for entry into Turkmenistan.

Please provide us with the following documents:

  1. Scanned Passport Copy: A high-resolution, colored scan of your passport’s main page containing your personal information.
  2. Passport-sized Photo: A recent, colored passport-sized photograph that adheres to the standard document photo requirements.
  3. Covid Vaccination Certificate: Proof of receiving a minimum of 2 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.
  4. Personal Information: Please provide your home address, your current place of work, and job title. If you are retired, simply indicate “RETIRED.”

Upon receipt of the above-mentioned documents, we will proceed with obtaining the LOI Turkmenistan on your behalf. Please note that the process may take approximately 12-15 days. Once we have received the LOI, we will send it to you, allowing you to apply for a visa at Turkmenistan’s land borders or airports.

Kindly ensure that you submit the required documents promptly to avoid any potential delays in the Turkmenistan visa invitation letter application process.

LOI Turkmenistan Letter of Invitation

All fields for this Turkmenistan Letter of Invitation are mandatory. This information is necessary to process your trip voucher. Please follow proper writing rules such as capitalized names and addresses (John Wood, not john wood), etc. Double-check everything to ensure we process your request on time.

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    How to make Turkmenistan Visa on Arrival

    Visa on Arrival for Turkmenistan is an option for tourists visiting the country, making it possible for them to obtain a tourist visa upon arrival at Ashgabat airport. The Visa policy of Turkmenistan states that to get a visa on arrival, you must first obtain a Letter of Invitation (LOI). The LOI is part of our Turkmenistan tour packages and needs to be processed before your arrival in the country.

    Here’s how to obtain a visa on arrival at the airport:

    1. Apply for an LOI through thru us at least 1 month before your trip, providing necessary documents such as scanned passport, scanned photo, home address, current workplace, and occupation.
    2. Once your LOI is processed, make sure to carry a printout of the LOI with you when boarding your flight or leaving for your trip.
    3. Upon arrival in Turkmenistan, you will need to complete a migration card and pay a US$12 migration fee ($10 fee plus $2 admin charge).
    4. Bring 2 printed passport photos for your tour leader to submit to the migration office after your arrival in the country.

    After completing these steps, your visa on arrival will be issued, allowing you to enter Turkmenistan and enjoy your tour with our professional guides.

    Please note that independent travel in Turkmenistan is not permitted, and your visa will only be valid for the duration of your booked tour services, which include accommodation, guides, and transportation.


    What are the visa requirements for Turkmenistan?

    All foreign nationals require a visa and a Letter of Invitation (LOI) to enter Turkmenistan. The visa application process involves working with a licensed travel agency such as RJ Travel and our local travel partners, providing necessary documentation and information, and adhering to the country’s guidelines and restrictions.

    How long does LOI processing take?

    LOI processing usually takes around 15-20 working days, so it’s essential to plan your application accordingly to ensure you receive the approval on time for your trip.

    Is a vaccination certificate required for entry into Turkmenistan?

    Yes, you are required to present a printed vaccination certificate with at least two doses of an approved vaccine upon entry into Turkmenistan.

    Where can I apply for and obtain a Turkmenistan visa?

    You can apply for and obtain a Turkmenistan visa on arrival at Ashgabat International Airport after you buy one of our tours and we take care of all your LOI process.

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    If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help and ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

    Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to making your travel to Turkmenistan a memorable one.