Chami Razan, catacomb of Qiz Qapan, Dokan and Koya day trip from Erbil in Iraq

1 day
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Chami Razan canyon, rock catacomb of Qiz Qapan, Pasha Kura fortress, Koya citadel, Shrine of Marbina Qadisha.
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Private day trip in Iraq


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Travel to Iraq with a Daily itinerary of 1 day

Morning » Meet & greet at your Erbil hotel. On a 2 to 3-hour drive, you will go straight to Chami Razan canyon and the rock catacomb of Qiz Qapan.

Lunch-time » Go up the hill to enjoy the views from Pasha Kura fortress. Eat and have lunch in a local restaurant in Dokan.

Afternoon » Visit the Koya citadel and the Shrine of Marbina Qadisha. Return after 1-hour drive back to Erbil. Drop off at your hotel.

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Day trips from Erbil are a nice way to visit Kurdistan in Northern Iraq. On this full-day tour, you have the chance of exploring amazing places such as Chami Razan canyon, the rock catacomb of Qiz Qapan, Pasha Kura fortress, Koya citadel, and the Shrine of Marbina Qadisha. This Iraq tour from Erbil takes you deep into the country’s history and gives you a wide spectrum of the region in terms of architectural, cultural, and natural diversity.

Chami Razan is a beautiful green valley surrounded by unbelievable mountains, numerous caves, and various waterfalls. Interestingly, the larger cave was the base of the Voice of Kurdistan Radio station throughout the 1961 Kurdish revolution.

Qiz Qapan Tombs (Gazzkaban) are found on a rocky cliff in a gorgeous valley in Iraqi Kurdistan. These catacombs date back to the era of the Median Kingdom in the 7-century BC. The site consists of a medley of statues, and sculptures, rooms, and three funeral graves.

Pasha Kura fortress dates back to the 18th century during the Kurdish administered emirate of the region. Dokan is a relaxed, mainly residential town, with splendid nature and a huge lake. Along with Rawanduz, the most beautiful mountain views of Iraqi Kurdistan can be found in Dokan. This city is famous due to its impressive lake and surrounding rocky peaks. The attraction not to be missed is the breathtaking picturesque views from the top of Pasha Kura fortress. The guide will park the car and wait until you climb the mountain up the castle and back.

Koya Qshla was built in the 19th century during the rule of the Ottoman Governor, Midhat Pasha of Baghdad. The Assyrians and Medians occupied Koya throughout the ages. The city is renowned for its mosques, studies of sciences, arts, and reputed university. You will be given a chance of visiting inside the citadel and enjoy the views around its wall and from the surrounded area.

The Shrine of Marbina Qadisha (Marbina Behnam) is located 3 km away from Koya city center, we find the interesting shrine of Marbina Qadisha This Christian sacred site is the place where Mosul monks had to hide through the Mongolian invasions. Explore the complex and ask to go inside the impressive old church.

Chami Razan, Dokan and Koya day trip from Erbil in Iraq
Chami Razan, catacomb of Qiz Qapan, Dokan and Koya day trip from Erbil in Iraq Chami Razan Dokan and Koya day trip from Erbil in Iraq

Full-day tour in Iraq Kurdistan Region to visit Chami Razan canyon, the catacomb of Qiz Qapan, the Pasha Kura fort, Koya citadel, and Marbina Qadisha shrine.


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